Thursday, December 18, 2008

IIT Life

Simplifying those first 2 months here at IIT with a short article.

My rating: 5.5/10

The 30 th Story
30 th April- It was 3 days I had been relieved- pressure of 2 years finally ended- after I had given JEE as well as AIEEE.
30 th May- Computer screen in front of me declared I'd cleared JEE with a respectable rank.I was going to IIT. Yipee !!!
30 th June- The same screen read I'd got my dream destination IITD and that too in a stream which seemed so pleasing by its name for my love of maths.
30 th July- I was upset . 'What I thought and What I got '...IIT-all die to come here for this??? 3 guys in one room-size of a bathroom-that too so ugly-with insects hovering all around and the bathroom- disgusting. After 17 years (lim -> 18) of luxury life,this is where I was-eastern style bathrooms, many a times without water supply. 3 days into classes- quite poor level of teaching- at least IIT should provide these old teachers a mike.Voice forcing itself out of the larynx and when requested to pressurise the voice box defense weapon is immediate- "You weren't attentive". Already reaching classes late. My love for maths had perished. Indeed it turned into hatred.Was this my fate ??? I regretted. Otherwise in hostel, some toughness from seniors ensuring us it wasn't ragging- whatever they're doing and we're hardly allowed to speak in front of them.Amidst all this just consolation of having an altogether new bunch of friends (including 2 of my best friends from Chandigarh) ,having fun with them and ya the fact that next day was my birthday.
30 th August- A month into IIT- I'm cursing myself...And for cursing IITD. Aha! Thats life.I hardly wanted to go home on 15th. I was loving my new home !! And why not ? Friends are so fun to be with. Chatting all day and night.Going to NESCAFE at 1 in the night just to find 20 of them already there shouting for Maggi,Ice Tea,Frappe.Yeah, thats what you can't do at home. Cracking jokes,making fun of each other,helping each other,watching girls,bunking classes-this is IITD.Now I discover seniors are also nice and helping-whatever they're doing was for "our good" only and they gave me the initiative to participate in debating,quizzing,football, tennis and ya- of course writing. Cool ! Shouting "Jai Jwala" in itself gives a victorious feeling. Spending time all day at Insti-CSC,Nesci,Library,Reading Room-I cant help avoiding last 2 for Minors are here. And teaching- yeah, that is as it was. I discovered some more teachers with a poor pitch and some good ones too. I still am hating maths. Today I 'm going for my 1 st minor and whatever be its outcome- 1 thing is sure "I love IITD".
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Raghu said...

why don't you write your real encounters with seniors and profs.
and what your attitude towards them was?????

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

hey raghu its an article on my 1st two months only and not story indeed ,its only my 6th article pre minor 1 ; b4 any encounter surfaced

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