Thursday, December 18, 2008


"When you can see the destination, don't think you are near; because the hurdles have just started coming."
From a child prodigy ,to an above average student in class to class topper (10th Board, 95.8%) to finally clearing the coveted JEE paper (AIR 547) ,life has given me all the talents I required.
But it is here- at the land where the clearance of the JEE paper takes you ,I am now a mere failure.
Life is not a bed of roses definitely ,at some stage you 've to realize ,you 're nothing, but a small point in these vast happenings of this enormous world .
With all sorts of hurdles encountered in life ,like being ditched in love and others ,I thought I had tolerated all sorts of pain I could have,but one I didn't was that of depression .
Here at this junction I realize ,the pettiest of issues, hurt more than being rejected by a girl indeed.
And who to share all my life ,my thoughts with other than this 'Diary' .
Though I'd 've liked to keep you personal ,that's not the best option .
If I didn't have the guts to ,Oh forget guts ,when did I lack it ; if I didn't like to tell it to the world ,better let them read it .Its amongst all this pain ,I've decided the ambition of my life ,with a determination to achieve it ,but who knows ; 'if' only things were in my hand .That 'if' always makes all the difference.
So, welcome to this world of an IITian ,the land where the country dreams to be ,but why ?A deep look into proceedings in here and about many other things going on in this dirty world.
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