Thursday, December 18, 2008

Making IIT a beautiful place (*)

So this was my first try at writing after coming to IIT , but then I never knew writing would become an integral part of my life.No grudges against anyone, not to be taken at heart.
My rating : 6/10
Making IIT a beauty-full place (An ideal world)
(Using reservations in best possible manner)
Lets see how this works.50% of students are admitted through JEE without any reservation ,i.e. purely based on merit).20% of seats be reserved for SCs,STs,OBCs,PDs etc.AND,30% of seats reserved for .........pretty(hot) girls.
This maybe done in 2 steps: first organising a beauty paegant and shortlisting hot girls,followed by a JEE paper where 30% of them go through.So merit'll also be taken care of.This 'll make IIT a more beautiful place.
This'll also reduce depression level among boys implying better concentration level in class and therfore better results.So IIT's status in world'll further increase-for producing good engineers as well as possesing good chics.
This'll also not lead to any protests-both boys and girls would be happy.Profs would also be happier thus increasing quality of education.It'll lead to better personality development for boys.
These girls should be distributed equally in all deps so that happiness is not restricted to members of certain streams only.Further,it should be made compulsory then to make boys and girls sit alternately in class thus reducing gossiping in class.
A continuous bus service between boys and girls hostels shall be ensured till 9 pm.Social problems like dowry'll also be curbed and it'll make girls feel at a level equal with boys,where even boys would've no problems.So this is an advice for making IIT a better and a more beatiful place.
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Piyush said...

This is my favourite article..because it takes us in the world we dream about...and certainly I prefer that dream t reality..
Errr ..pradeep..see I like fantasy too.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

shall we write a letter to Dean ,seeking approval on this ,won't annoy him either if he is a straight

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