Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Overuse or misuse ? (*)

A clear reflection of what educational system does to us.
My rating: 6.5/10
Overuse or Misuse ?
There are things in this world,which lie as treasures,when unused. They definitely do. Some things lie unasked, unwanted; indeed on the other hand if unused.
And there are things ,that become so popular when used to the right levels,that they are often immortalized.
But what has become of anything that has been overused ? Torn into pieces, been destroyed or reduced to an entity not worth talking about.
One best example, would be -knowledge. You don't use it ,remains unperturbed- no good, definitely bad-leads us nowhere. Preserving knowledge and not using brain is as stupid as wasting all your money on Maggi or something equally attractive, but stupid. What happens if we use it ? Definitely, good and fruitful.
It can obviously lead to personal development, 'money' and other gains. Well used it can revolutionize the world,by unparalleled ideas ,taking the world to new levels.But there lies a prerequisite for it.It is not to be forced with something irrelevant on them, wasting about 25 years of their life,learning things that exhaust the brain and for no good.
This fact is best justified when extended to Indian Educational System or IIT itself. Being IITians we are expected to bring fresh ideas to the world,but how? At school level,we deal with quite useless topics ,requiring crammed answers to excel and be standout performers,limiting our brain use to minimum.Then, in fact,comes JEE,using every piece of flesh inside the brain ,indeed nourishing it.But was that the end? No,just a trailer.
Here at IIT,every alternate month offers exams demanding brain usage again,but by now its overusage,and provides no scope for further use in other required dimensions.So is that how best scientific brains will come?
Imposing certain unrequired subjects,requiring every dimension of the brain to work equally well? But surely this is not the best way to achieve this aim. Such frequent minors and majors,hardly leave us with any breathing space,forget thinking in new dimensions and generating world revolutionizing ideas.
So indeed our brain is no exception.How will this overusing affect it ?Probably make it a mere oblivion.Surely this is not what we want as IITians.
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pgm said...

ok dude... and for anyone who further reads this... i hope people get this into their head.
by having more exams, the pressure on a single test etc is minimized. We students need not (and as far as I see it, SHOULD NOT) torture ourselves for EVERY single test. The POINT of MORE tests is to DIVIDE the pressure among the exams, not MULTIPLY it each time!

I dunno whether its overuse here in IIT dude.. more like underuse (mugging works) here.
Hope to change that next sem...

Piyush said...


Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@ pgm and piyush :
i mean its not exactly overuse ,the word misuse has been fit on purpose out here to highlight what is being done is rather misuse ; no pressure is hardly divided ,that's stupid ; you mean if there was a single subject or lesser papers than we have ,would the net stress have remained the same . I disagree

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