Tuesday, December 23, 2008

That dreadful week

"When the going gets tough,the tough gets going".
A popular phrase all over the world .And it seemed,all that could've been going- was pacing for me,but till the end of August.
It took just 5 days,exactly 5 days for me to believe, how true IIT's long lasting tradition is. You hear any morale-boosting phrase and IIT is there, to make its converse true. So what can be the converse ?
"When the tough gets going,the going gets tough".
I had come into believing by then ,IIT was the place I was looking for.But after a week it was as if ,I was looking for anywhere but not IIT.
The best institute of India, popular all over the world ;the system here is too cruel- to sustain even the greatest minds, to continue as they were, all one can show after clearing IIT is at most CGP and not the aptitude that brought them there.
And I was there, with an intuition: of standing without any possession ,not even the CGP. Those dreaded minors were there ,a first time experience is incomparable to all that succeed. Not totally sure about, how a name 'Minor' could cause so major problems, even to those, for whom this place had been an abode now for few years.
Those classes bunked were now costing , I enjoyed my sleep by missing that 1 hour so many times ,but I knew now what I would be missing this time, were the marks. That dreaded MAL (Maths course) , was almost about to see last of me this semester, as soon as I came to know about the option of dropping , but it was some wise advisory words from the seniors that I clung to it ,despite fear of failing reigning my mind.
Fail ! That's a word I had been escaping quite handsomely all these years ,but why not here ,I didn't have the answer to it.And finally came the papers and I knew I had screwed them, as soon as that sheet was denied the services- of being wrote on by a pen. Only one paper saw me exiting hall before teacher asked me to and unbelievably it was MAL. The results read, none better than I had performed.
I knew I had lacked determination this time ,but because determination asks for a reason and GPA was not a sound enough reason to convince my mind. The marks read:
Siddharth Bhattacharya Entry No. 2008MT50461
MAL- 19/25
MEL- 18/30
CSL- 17/40
CYL- 25/100
Of course , this will look like code language to a Non-IITian but they depict Maths,Mechanical (ED),Computer and Chemistry respectively. Quite unbelievable; here I was rejoicing a 19/25,being the third highest scorer in it. No enmities against anyone ,a purely transparent system: where you don't know why to go to get your marks increased.
The average read
Nothing to be proud of, being above average in that CSL paper ,after all its we people who submerge the average to such depths and anyway, its Computers what a scientific brain should be processing the best. I did but it offered me limited scope ,publishing half the algorithm ,it crippled me for using another. Surely ,all this was turning love into hatred for IIT.
And that ED-Engineering Drawing , I always knew drawing was not my 'cup of tea'. Even a compass slipped before reaching its destination,forget managing to draw big engineering structures. Tutorials were reading 6/10 continuously for the first two times with Class Average going to almost 9. I could 've predicted from here ,these 5 years would be as much struggle as fun .
Or, maybe more ? Time would tell.

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Nikhil Gupta said...

Hmm i am really impressed ..... Sai me... Though i had all the info written in your blog before hand,........ as you know i know(as per i believe 0 alomost everything about you

Thou i still havent really gone through the whole blog

But still i shall give you the same suggestion i hve been giving since 4 years i believe ,......... TRY TO RESPECT PEOPLE....... though to be frank. i myself is not following the same after enetring IIT but as more time i am passing here i believe this certainly works

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

thanx for dat suggestion and this sem ,i ve literally followed being respectful with teachers .Though its true they suck and think a child's decency to be his weakness, life isn't depressing anyway

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