Wednesday, December 31, 2008

That Rocking Rendezvous

"Whats life without colors , those of joy,splendor and freedom."
Oh,well as you may imagine ,it is not a Rendezvous with someone. But it is the name given to the best cultural fest of North India, of course by our own IIT-Delhi. Promising to offer back the happiness, it devoided us of ,it lived upto expectations,at least for a first year guy. Seniors complained, it lacked the same excitement as other years, but only if we knew what those other years contained, would we have commented. A first Rendezvous, is like an experience of a lifetime.Non IITDians ,I agree every college has its own cultural fest and you may not like to waste your time going through description of ours, but lust that accompanies ours surely is a good reason ,why may like to go through it.
Taking us away from that monotonic schedule ,it offered cultural activties to participate as well as, to be one of the thousands in the crowd cheering for IIT,watching every show with zeal and vigour, at the OAT.
I didn't waste the opportunity, as winning something in Rendezvous, would be an achievement to cherish and a huge platform. Although street play auditions did not see me, it were the quizzes and debates that saw me as a regular visitor .But the sad fact was, I remained a mere visitor only, unable to clear any Prelims. But that wasn't the most thrilling part ,indeed it was the least . The rest however obvious , were those dance ,music ,drama shows apart from the lavish food -burgers,kebabs,tikkas...yummy.
For the very first time ,I saw live fashion show -'Lifestyle', in front of my eyes ,thrilling sight..of course the girls were not in Swimsuits as in TV shows ,but still they looked damn gorgeous. Here IIT was hands- down loser.
Dance gripped us at OAT as well as outside, in these 3 days, as it offered a Group Dance event called 'Spectrum' which I sadly couldn't attend due to self-participation in events; 'Kaleidoscope' ,a choreography event showing some awesome ,thrilling display of talent . Here quite contrary to the Lifestyle ,in the sense that here IIT was hands down winner and that too for the 4th time in a row. Apart from this, we tried our best to dance too in front of library 'The Podium' , inviting a huge crowd in such a small area looked as if it was an anti-government protest ; here dancing with friends was an ultimate experience and being tossed in the air 5 times something I won't forget. Its in this 1 second in the air ,where you get best possible mixed feeling of fear and fun. Not to forget RDX ,an ultimate opportunity for an IITian to try some girl outside IIT, at dance floor (Swimming Pool).Sadly ,it was not for me,managing a girl to get entry was beyond hope.
Music also rocked us with shows like Fusion Night ,Solo Western, quite admirable but it looks as if as long as OAT prevails these shows will hardly be remembered. The mind blowing performances ,definitely came at OAT, where Dhoom - the Pro Nite invited 2 bands called 'Dhun' and 'Bandish',to make the audience dance to their tune, and so they did. Although they were hardly the most melodious voice to hear , you don't bother about such things when you have got what you watch in TVs in front of you ,that too free; the drums & all ,make it an awesome feeling . But the best event had to be the highly anticipated 'Blitzkrieg', the name's origin hardly anyone knows ,but a must know for a quizzer. It's superb to see bands like Parikrama and Decibel performing the ultimate hard rock, always memorable experience to watch it live.
Oh, let me mention OAT is Open Air Theater ,I had been using it, as if the whole world knows it,but it surely deserves to.So,I had my Rendezvous ,not with any person,but my own life.
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