Friday, December 26, 2008

That Social Night

"If winter comes ,can spring be far behind?"
A wonderful quote by P.B. Shelley, used in his poem 'ODE TO THE WEST WIND', and so I didn't have to be an exception to Shelley's rule. Winter was continuously descending, but where was the spring ? The search finally terminated, with the arrival of Rendezvous -IITD 's cultural fest ,attracting thousands from across the town.
But an announcement that rocked Jwalamukhi was the finalization of Socials- a beautiful concept, invented to de-stress an IITian of the system and the monotony, and it was a 'welcome announcement ' ,specially after Dean had terminated it first time- pre-Rendezvous on brink of being organized, siting some reasons like distractions from studies, which sounded nothing short of absurdity to us! What the fuck ! Wasn't this what we needed -a distraction from studies after those deadly minors.
This time our guests were girls from L.I.C. in Delhi University ,obviously anyone would confuse it with the insurance company, so did I. It was Lady Irwin College ,neither of us had heard it ,but who bothered.
When the night anticipated arrived, the scene was damn funny in our wing . Boys taking longer time to dress than 2 girls would do ,one after one.The wing seemed like a dressing room. The moment arrived and we gifted them our grace, in inviting them to the arena where it was happening - 'Jwala Lawn'.
The system appeared quite absurd; chits being offered to each boy and girl with numbers waiting to be read and some slots being defined ;with the rule being spoken that of intra- slot approach. Some 10-12 hot girls justified why they were 'dumb', in refusing all who approached them, just to finally leave dancing among themselves and eating the so-called 'Royal food ' ,specially prepared for them. Else cloud of darkness again seemed to descend on me, when the only girl I had managed, ditched me for being a "Pappu" dancer.
Almost one hour later with two other despos accompanying ,we approached a group of 3 girls dancing ,almost equally waiting to dance.So there we were,talking ,chatting and on the final stage exchanging phone numbers. But what a stupid way of giving the phone number - a warning that it shouldn't be circulated ,one which seemed perfect ,but only then. So the "spring " I was searching for was probably here, or so I thought...
In IIT, the converse is equally true or truer -
"If spring comes ,can winter be far behind".
The unimagined winter came; when the girl's call came, at my cell 11:30 one night ,initially to bring smiles on my face, just about 5 minutes required to convert it into gloom and worry. The number had been circulated and to an 'IITian', what the Fuck, neither of us 3 had done it: I enquired .Worse the caller used cheap languages and I was given the number, with a mission handed to get the person to stop all this .
Oh, FBI experience from that early age. Mine was completely torn (don't ask what) ,not only for this, but 'accompanying warning' again, if case wasn't solved some serious action may follow -namely Police .Oh ,was I Police or was the Police after me ? Against whom it was supposed to be, remained a mystery ,but surely gave me some partially sleepless nights.
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pgm said...

By far, this post brought the widest smile to my face!!!


I'm still blinking back tears of laughter...

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

what is HOLY EFFSHIT ?
and thanx for that wonderful comment ,however what was funny in it ?

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