Thursday, December 18, 2008

That Unforgettable Talent

"Cherish what makes you special, because you are almost a yawn if it goes."
Hardly do people know about it, and hardly do they believe, when I speak it . But when they see it ,they are dumbstruck.
Most of us have been in newspaper , for some reason ,may it be board exam results or some stupid school photograph ,which by mere coindicence got us in between, but getting a page devoted in all National newspapers for days is something I believe, rare people get , and add to the fact at the age of 6. But why I am I telling this ? Because:.... I was one of them, recognised as a child prodigy , while studying in DPS Delhi.
The talent was something even I can't believe to the fullest, but all daily newspapers don't lie. Actually I do remember how true it was , but I can't believe it fully, for I can't match my wit I had that at such a miniscule age, even after I am now an adult. Surely I can speak aloud the Phrase loudly
"I was born intelligent, but education ruined me"
And add to it , it was not only one talent, but a combination of talents. Most important of them being ,putting any date beyond a limit ,which I think was the year 1900 ; the day was an almost spontaneous correct reply.Quite amazing ,the secret when anyone asked, I replied its just something I can't explain, but it was the enoromous speed of mathematical calculations at that age ,and a careful analysis of leap years , I had carried out in my free time , that gave me this amazing talent.
So as I have mentioned my calculations , it was another element of that list ,a feature of it being all calculations upto multiplying two 2-digit numbers within 5 seconds. Add to that discovering in 3rd class itself, add (2n+1) to any number's square ,to get the next number's square.(Natural numbers ,of course,I didn't know anything beyond that).Another feature was given any country ,its capital and currency was a spontaneous reply and vice versa,thank god I can still speak out those capitals ,but not the currencies, and neither the dates or that enormous calculation speed.Surely ,some people may have nice tailored arguments against that -calling me a 'cramming parrot', but the fact is- I never memorized any of them, it was a memory almost equivalent to a computer's ,what it required was just a look ; to register whatever it liked. And also sketching the world map within seconds with 90% accuracy. Also given any cricketer, my reply were -the country of course, as well as the birthdate and if you want statisitical updates of his career too.
Whenever I feel dejected due to acads,its this memory , which brings a smile to my face and instills a determination.
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