Thursday, December 18, 2008

Those Awful Names

House Secy. Prashant Dubey
Cultural Secy. Gaurav Dhama
Sports Secy. Jeetendra Jorwal
Library Secy. Vijendra Meena
Mess Secy. Rajeshwar
Maintenance Ashtoush Katiyar
Computer Secy. Rishabh Gupta
SAC- Kaustub Khade
Aseem Singla
English-Manish Bansal
Hindi -Yogesh Yadav
Year Rep. -
Manvendra Singh
Bandish Shah
Rajat Jain
Cultural Activities-
MC -
Arpit Goel
QC -Apoorv Gupta
D&D -Shantanu Faugat
PHS -Vivek Goyal
ISC -Ankit Sagwal
FSC -Gaurav Gautam
FAC -Ankur Goel
EDLC -Anirudh Mehndiratta
HS -Apoorv Tiwari
Sports Captains
Cricket- Gaurav Sharma
Football- Apoorv Gupta
Volleyball- I.S.K.H. Gautam
Table Tennis- Tuhin Raharia
Lawn Tennis- Parth Gupta
Badminton- Saurav Kalra
Hockey- Ravneet Singh
Squash- Vivek Goyal
Basketball- Aman Rawat
Weightlifting- Yogesh Yadav

Quite many names ,huge list, who the fuck has the time and patience to go through these names.Neither did I, when I step my foot into my new home,Jwalamukhi, but destiny has its way of teaching lessons.
Like cramming the Social Studies notebook, these names had to be registered into my memory without any reason within me for doing it ,just the pressure of those, born before me.Some other unhealthy interactions followed ,wuite contrary to the promise at those long boring orientation sessions.
But there is a saying "Whatever happens is for our good only". Now what good can happen by cramming a stupid list consisting of some names encrypted in golden letters ?
The good is- now they aren't my predators, but my analogues of relatives, I can refer to them for any help. Some command respect , some are very friendly and some though not my enemies remain mysteries to me ,for they rarely took out some valuable time to interact with this 'first year kid'-the "FACHA".
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