Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally taking the podium

"The one who said ,its not winning or losing that matters ,must have lost."
Right now ,quizzing had been something for me ,just what academics had been: A burden. It had had its development as a fantasy within me , for my mind's unique ability to store all it saw permanently ,provided it liked it. Take for example , those capitals as early as Class 1.
Later in life ,sports had by far ,crossed the fascination for geography and the will inside me was, to be a sports maestro. And here the fact laid before me was- IIT has a good amount of quizzing culture. To my delight, I attended every quiz workshop and event that had been organized to find the ultimate quizzing buff , but just then feeling had started to develop within me, what sort of a shit is this !
Quizzing was no more the same , it required knowledge on all fields , I was required to be aware of whatever shit Obama and Mc Cain are into , a well insight into movies -English as well as Hindi ,the well known fact being I hate tilting towards the reel world. As I avoided it ,I was paying for it ,those 1 page questions apart from testing my patience, were surely forcing me to know things other than what came to me as a topic of interest.
My adamance not to , was soon broken, when while team selection ,I was weakest link and selecting me became a matter of compromise. I had to surf the site ,I didn't want to -Wikipedia. Initial days gave me wows about the content ,surely discovering some unknown facts about things I cherish .But being regular exhausted me and feeling was back as if being bound .
If doing that wasn't that irritating , surely listening to comments from my friend-Piyush ,about how I could improve and why I am not a good quizzer ,did irritate me .I never envied him for this ,for I knew I won't take to something I don't like ,but his opinions I clearly found, now contradicting mine.
I was on brink of quitting it and so I was -missing a Comp event ,a super stage to prove your worth,the FACHA QUIZ where no seniors were there to reduce any possible chances;but my decision was final,skipping it to meet my cousin sister,just only to stop for some persuading my seniors, I didn't want to disappoint them.
And so there I was- just giving another prelim , after having been unsuccessful at 8 or 9 of them ,but this time there was a determination. My team did make it to the finals , with some contributions from me ,and then it was a feeling that washed away thoughts how I was hating it ,a few minutes earlier.
Winning is always a feeling to admire;winning in IIT -a feel of conquer.There was another round ,which we didn't win and quite hopeless contribution by me out there ,but interesting fact was- our team did defeat the other team, which also consisted of Piyush.
Though stupid enough but that was good enough a cause for us to be happy ,when losing overall didn't matter ,defeating our counterparts ,our own hostel team, (my hostel rep. would 've kicked my ass had he known about it), but subduing that arrogant feeling and an almost look -down approach was as important an aim as winning.
Otherwise , a club where my interest had now settled was EDLC- English Debating and Literary Club ,where I was not performing that well , but given my habit of writing and such an easily audible tone has retained confidence in me ,that someday I will be able to prove to the crowds my English, my baritone.

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