Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Letter to God (*)

A philosophical note quite frustrated with the materialism in the world.
My rating : 8.5/10
A Letter to God
Dear /Respectable God,
Thanks a lot for giving us this wonderful life, wonderful world and huge symmetric universe with golden ratio serving as the perfect example of this beauty...Even the body You gave us has been one of the most symmetric structures possible and very well scientifically designed. It is easy to use and indeed requires no manual for usage .But it also doesn't require any manual for misuse ...Does it? And that is what has been happening today.

Dear God, You faulted on the part of giving us infinite freedom. We people have literally snatched Your power to produce life, govern life, the rules of nature and this world. Loving nature gifted by You has been reduced to a mere formality, following Your rules a shame, indeed even preserving nature for the sake of other species has become an unattended duty. The main fault You did was giving us the power to create, and, the biggest mishap as a result of this - money.
All those rules and morals apart, life is now equivalent to a single word - 'money'. Life has become a cyclic process now - begun from learning, loving, reproducing, earning and finally dying. Its just that those being produced far outnumber those dying thus leading to another epidemic: overpopulation.
Each individual has realized this but the only reason they do anything is self-interest. Is that what You meant while producing this new species on this tiny part of this vast universe? Money is what rules, fools, lives, kills, murders. Even now, if You realize all this and arrange for the doom of this vast human species You will probably be unsuccessful as humans have now developed the power to resist anything. Benevolence has faced extinction and so indeed have many other morals. So please God, take care of this all before these people extend their rule from this world to the universe and make even You a mere oblivion. Yours faithful, One of Your people.


Karun said...

man i mst seriously say that u write really well and ur blogs describe every nuance of emotion. to b honest, i wil say that ur whole writing in solitude shit is actually quite rocking n i do feel as if my problems r also d same!
anyways jst remember that ur destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of CHOICE. it is a thing not 2 b waited for, it is a thing 2 b created!
keep it up!!!

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

thnx for that realization ,moreover i just don't write for appreciation but i mean every word of it and mean others to be inspired and follow them somewhat in life ; stop running behind money and thinking seriously abt other aspects of life .
and find hard to grasp the exact context of your destiny argument

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