Saturday, January 17, 2009

That Magic of Solitude

"Work doesn't tire me ,but idleness completely exhausts me."
Click here to read the poem Ode on Solitude by Alexander Pope.
Though social enough, I prefer being alone or with one person at times - as my profile reads . And to mention it ,its not about a girl or love, that makes me like that ,but here I shall discuss the magic of being alone; or with one person.
Whenever I was with friends , a 'gang', in other words ; we shared jokes, used slang ,died out laughing and made fun of each other 's traits. Depression definitely makes its way out of mind, but only for a while. Its like a cigarette .The moment you leave it ,that relaxation disappears. Serious issues often vanished in fumes in these moments ,but not in reality ,so they had to return to me, once those nice moments ceased.
But with one trustworthy person, I can discuss my troubles ,ask opinions ,it gives me all the warmth I need, and its not another cigarette ,the advice persists and beneficial too many times. Often discussions alone, have related to solutions of continuous troubles persisting in life ,and many a time as productive ones, too resourceful a tool for personal development in the years to follow. The laughter also shared in these moments is calm, but mind boosting .
And in being alone, one example that follows definitely is studying .Stressing out myself by group study ,where everyone has separate opinion on every thing and things end ,the way they started ,is something I surely am not compatible with .Not only does it waste time ,but is less productive and indeed gives a feeling at times of not knowing enough for the next day-the exams(probably the best time to study- the day before the exams).
Another thing done alone is reading those fantastic novels ,an ultimate platform for me into writing and enjoying the thrills accompanying it. Pondering over certain topics going wrong in life ,can be often magical and lead to pretty wise decisions .And then comes writing alone and alone.
But that doesn't mean I don't like being parts of gangs ,I love to be ,but with the exception of a few times ,when the magic lies ahead in discovering some things, awaited in life smoothly and calmly.

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