Friday, January 23, 2009

That meeting after years

"There is no difference between a wise man and a fool when they fall in love."
Aware that my sisters had arrived here in Delhi ,I was desperate to go there ,specially provided IIT is not the hub, I am liking.
Though cousins ,I rarely viewed them by that word and quite smoothly shared too many secrets with them ,and here they were, almost last met a year ago. But bunking labs was not all that easy or indeed hard to convince myself to do it.Though it involved the least amount of productive work, missing a 4 hour class was like stepping into the quicksand. But finally ,I had made up my mind and Friday was setting so this weekend was to be a new experience for me .The thought of staying another night at IIT wasn't convincing so plan was as per Friday evening ,just when I was pleaded by my seniors to stop for a quiz.
I was shocked to know they found me worthwhile whereas the Fachas didn't exactly and saying no to a senior is risking the years ahead.
Finally ,my partial departure from IIT ,was accompanied with the news I had to go with my elder sister shopping that too for her stupid Sarees and etc. etc. and the big one -there was a blast whose blast radius if extended a bit could 've easily gulped IIT.Two days were as much fun as torture ..That ED Tutorial has never let me a sigh of relief ,the next day I was supposed to submit 2 tutorial sheets 4 hours each, which meant a complete day in the bin. But it wasn't the last time either I was going there..The taste of luxury is one thing you get when moving home..
15 days later ,Durga Puja's arrival was accompanied with my junior elder sister's arrival for 3 days and I risked bunking classes -2 of them but I couldn't call them risk actually - its almost now a habit. Proxy was on the cards and it meant :move freely.
There were promise of telling a lot to each other ,but actually its this age when individuality starts coming into the picture or indeed the word 'cousin' even gets littlest of beginnings .Committed as they both were ,they spent long days of hour as well as nights just being another Romeo-Juliets ,where I was feeling alone a bit ,and indeed in this fiasco of never feeling free ,I was the one accused in charge of being too much involved in myself.
Fantasy food followed at Durga Puja, one thing I had always awaited ,but it was shocking for me to realize that I had been waiting for food more than worship ,unlike every other year. This believer was tending into an agnostic. I did finally see a movie there after days,indeed months ,but it was really worth it 'A Wednesday'.
By the end we did find the time to share a lot of talks ,but the departure from there was paining me .This home was equal to my home in Chandigarh, as per me ,not just for the luxuries ,but for the love shed and again returning to the place where minors were announcing its arrival the next week wasn't the best of thoughts ,but if all IITians started to move as per wishes ,minor and major examination halls would be empty tourist sites, so forgetting that temptation to stay on ,I had to move on back to this land where friends were giving appropriate company one required ,but on the other side profs ensuring to their best ,a child's happiness level doesn't increase.
So then finally on my return ,I came with my next article "That third age" ,which was well a reflection of my stay there as well as an unrealized truth haunting this world.

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