Friday, January 23, 2009

That Third Age (*)

An article as a result of the visit from my cousin's home generalizing something about the modern world.
That Third Age
My Rating : 7 /10

Centuries passed,millenniums passed but universal truths won't change and also some philosophies. With the exception of a few , all have justified Shakespeare in their journey of life .These 'seven ages' don't leave us ever. And the most memorable ones are second and third ages and the unnoticeable transition, making life simpler as well as tougher. The second is that of an innocent child :liking fun;admiring nature.
But the third ,with some shades of second, is purely an opposite. And the major difference being loss of that innocence.As IITians, all of us comprise this latter age, leading life of adolescence ,quite unsure of what is globing to happen next. Something inescapable we encounter here is 'That thing called Love'.Unsure of what caused it ,physical attraction or real nature admiration we start with all those talks of our history,present and future and hearing the same from the other side with anxiety, liking every bit of it, whatever the content be.Thoughts are dominated by love, with many a times fresh starts accompanying the stage.
But ,today in this world ,love is not the same; that feeling, indeed it is attraction, feeling of possession,its strategical . Yes, today love without strategy is immaterial,unsuccessful,indeed non-existent.While inquiring about the other's day ,there is a hope as well as a doubt of being cheated. There is a feeling of possessiveness. Is that love ? Yeah,it may be ,but its not true love, its infatuation.Lord Tennyson rightly commented "Jealousy is love's biggest enemy".
Those long phone chats,have more of a discussion on movies around rather than being about them. So now they've to take the help of this artificial world to sustain their real world.During this 'Third Age',the probability of making a huge error is large,where often desires overcome sense and they may have to repent and waste another dozens of days convincing each other or indeed the society,either successfully or in vain.
It is that age where we may be laughing one moment and the next ,tears decorate our eyes ,not of happiness ,but dearth and pain.There are so many mentors to hold hand,show the right path,including parents, but all those valuable letters now sound pieces of trash.Its the time,when friends are not the same pleasure to be with,parents' hands not the same hands to hold,siblings forgotten relatives.
So indeed what this world lacks today is true love where a feeling of security irrespective of other person's information prevails, no misunderstandings, strengthening relationships. After all,its trust that binds a relation and not the mere sweet words.


Karun said...

ur choice of article is apt and it is a delight 2 read. it makes one think real hard about d relationships we have n analyze whether they r hollow or really have a dimension 2 them!!!
keep up d gud work sid!!!

Piyush said...

achha hai

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

thnx for unexpected comment out here , never expected this to be inspiring enough but yeah have been tired of Romeo Juliet s going on without any sense ,turning from sensible pair of individuals to a pair of fools who become ready to sacrifice the world for themselves.

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