Friday, January 23, 2009

Those (In)famous Incidents

"Never wrestle with a pig in your life, you get dirty and moreover, the pig is enjoying"
This one from my Chemistry class
Prof. Narayanan Kurur ( a very cheerful person ,with the ability of making boring topics interesting as well as confusing, a stand-up comedy ,teaching Quantum Mechanics and answering a bunch of questions many of them balderash ) : So ,how many here are completely lost after this ?
(4-5 hands raised up, mine being unavoidable)
Prof. : Oh , Bhattacharya ,you again,so whats the problem ,what didn't you understand ?
Me :Everything
Prof. : Oh no ,you have to specific ,whats the problem ?
Me : I am as confused as you are !
(The whole class bursts out in laughter)
Prof. : Oh my lord,so what makes you think I am confused ?
Me : Sir, it is quite evident from your face .
Prof .: Oh Jesus Christ, you mean I am a useless teacher and they should employ another teacher ?
Me: No sir, maybe they can change the topic.

This one from my MAN (Introductory Class)
(Prof. Amitav Tripathi is taking class, probably feared by most of the IIT for his distinct styles and extremely tough marking, taking everyone's intro like school,city,hobbies,how good you are at hobbies etc. Almost whole class has been unable to answer him rapidly and gutsily,comes my turn)
Prof. : Yeah,your name ?
Me (in my typical voice): Siddharth Bhattacharya.
Prof. : Oh ,quite a deep voice I am impressed so which city and school ?
Me : I am from Chd and till 10 th have done my schooling at Bhavan's and later in a 'worthless' school,which is famous for arranging for proxies.
Him (face clearly annoyed): So is that the respect you have for your school ?
Me: Yes sir, definitely.
Him : So hobbies?
Me: I liked maths before I came into IIT .
Him (now frustrated) : Why ,what's happened here ?
Me : We are asked to prove things which appear quite obvious ,but are too difficult to prove .
Him : Like ?? (clearly hoping a question where he would challenge me to the board and later prove it himself to end up humiliating me)
Me: 1>0
Him: Oh ,that doesn't sound nice ,OK next student.
Me: Sir I am not finished with my hobbies.
Him: Yeah what else you have to speak ,proceed .
Me : I like playing tennis and I think I can defeat many here .
Him: Did I ask that ?
Me: No you were asking all others about it ,so I thought why not say it myself .
Him: What's the big deal in that I have a 2 year old daughter ,you can defeat her too.
Me (partially laughing) : OK, sir I also like playing football,but don't think my physical abilities allow me to.
Him: Yeah ,I am quite surprised you can hit the ball with the racket ,its about power.
Me : No sir its more about tecnique.
Him: Thank you ,you may sit down.

This one from Mechanical Class
(Lecture going on ,15 minutes remaining ,I've no idea either about the time or about the topic. The whole class suddenly speaks out "Time,time,time", I foolishly contribute my 'polite' voice towards euphoria and end up being thrown out of the class)

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