Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where were we everytime ? (*)

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Where were we every time ?
Two years ago, a movie rocked our hearts, at equal terms as it rocked Bollywood- Rang de Basanti. Whole country applauded it ; it picturised something we were all aware of -an eye opener, it meant a new chapter in history of politics in India. There was a hope amongst us ,whereas on the other side, politicians trembled.
But what happened ever since RDB went away? The same scenario returned ,nothing hapenned ,we demanded more independence ,but in vain.A generation did awaken, but too lazy to remain awake. Probably the same is going to happen here. It has been a habit of the authorities to silence the outbursts ; and why not ? The problem is with not as much in the system, as us.

Shouting and demanding in luxuries is quite an easy job. Centuries have passed, but we are quite the same flickered minded mob, as in Julius Caesar- quite unclear about what they want and how; easily swayed by Marc Antony. Even in RDB, the five young men sacrificed their lives for a cause and we on seeing the injustice shouted against 'Death of Democracy',quite unwilling to come in between .
Terrorist attacks have become quite a common scene now in India and every time a bomb blasts -the crowd unites, not against the terrorists actually ,but against our own saviors- the police. We have forever wished to accuse factors like corruption ,but is anything possible without our co-operation ?
We neglect the fact, that police even detect so many bombs and hence save so many lives. Coming back to Antony, he rightly said ,"Good is often interred with the bones".
If it goes on like this ,is it possible on the part of the police ? Demands of the public are to check anything suspicious ,anyone indeed.But what about havoc we create ourselves ,littering the roads,increasing the sample space to be checked apart from people themselves. But will we co-operate to be checked in long queues ? Human psychology speaks, we 'll then defer our own demands as nonsense.No one roams with a terrorist shirt anyway.
What if some day ,border is infiltrated by opposition Army ? Maximum we can and indeed will do, is accuse our "lethargic" army.
Why don't we act ? Because we secured our lives ? Implies we have our protectors for we have paid for it ? Of course we've secured our lives ,but only in terms of money,else we wouldn't have felt the insecurity. Actually ,the only difference between those acting-the Army and us is, the patriotism that dwells in their heart and cowardice captivating ours.
The unwillingness to act ,makes us all that 'common' and we are therefore known as 'common men'.We never grant authorities ,freedom to act their way, all we want is our own freedom.
We must now understand, if we want something ,we must lose something ,i.e. to have more rights and get demands fulfilled, what we require is duties.

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