Thursday, February 5, 2009


"Necessity is the mother of invention."

Some firsts by me in our wing
The ordinary ones:
Playing lawn tennis
Brought cycle (brought ,not bought however)
Lost cycle key
Got curtains
Brought a full bunch of sports apparatus from my home
Assigned names to all members of the wing (along with another guy), i.e. one-one function assigning names of animals to all D-wing members
Get 6 in ED out of 10 (lowest )
Wasting class's time by getting in long nonsense duels with the teacher -none related to studies
Being ragged in my room ( actually a long intro)
To be a stud against the senior
To be thrown out from the class

Now comes ,the interesting part::
->Taking panga with Amitav Tripathi ,the teacher the whole IIT fears (described later)
->Bunked a 4 hour ED Tutorial,no one in wing had imagined to do (that too for sleeping -not completing it ,but I started sleeping ,the moment the class began)
->Come crawling from back-door entry to get attendance in ED (along with two others)
->Sleeping on insti grass (in search of a bed in the Insti)
->Go with a towel in the bag to the insti, in the hope of finding a bathroom
->Night out ,i.e. not sleeping at all: that too for no reason ,not even computer games or studies, but designing new algorithms ,writing articles, reading newspapers in the common room.
->Enter class 40 minutes late,that too from front door in an attendance class and finally get attendance ,even though the teacher knowing my name fairly well.
->Sleeping in exhibition hall ,when class is going on, in a nearby hall and then boldly entering half an hour late to finally sit in second bench
->Sleeping on benches using them as a bed in class ; and missing attendance in the process.

These were a list of how ,things can be easily messed ,just by choosing wrong roads , that too repeatedly .


pgm said...

dude, isn't "studying on grass in front of Block 1" also a first. And hasn't it gotten popular ever since? :P

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

wanted to edit it and add to the list but actually you know what (not You-Know-Who ,mind it) all this stuff I have written here actually belong to first semester....though studying on grass would be a good addition ,I have also studied on the Sports Ground for about an hour and add to that sleeping on Insti grass in search of a bed is equally stupud I suppose

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