Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peer Pressure (*)

My first fictional story ; somewhat managed to turn myself emotional.
My rating: 9.2/10
Clinching the Right Fist
He entered his so imagined heaven just to find a building isomorphic to the land that raised him. The salt he ate there tasted same here or may be indeed better here. As all of us criticized this place, he sat there alone thanking his parents, portrayed in the same form as the idol with me, just the difference being mine was that of Hanuman, lay unattended and came along with me as a weight imposed on me by my parents. We left him alone. There was a disgust in my eyes; a vision, a brightness,a hope and a desire in his.
He came from a modest Brahmin family of Pundits, for whom affording coaching wasn’t something they could’ve imagined ,but if it wasn’t the case then he wouldn’t have been here, so huge loans followed all of them to see their son, bringing a new wave of happiness into their family. And he also loved them from core of his heart, far more than I loved mine. We shared the four walls, partition ensuring good didn’t mix with the evil. Right then, I didn’t know who the good was.
Weekends followed with the wing evacuating to nearby theaters or malls, but one lone face ensured a physical presence in the wing. It was only my room that wasn’t empty and definitely not because of me. Minors arrived and I kept criticizing the system with 3 fails polishing my luck, as he again sat in the same way as he was everyday, worshiping his parents, topping all courses. Four months passed as semester ended, with almost equal number of words exchanged between us. Sooner than later, he got the names ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’.
Finally, some internal force pushed me beyond partition and only then I discovered how internal beauty can far surpass external. He was a wonderful guy and even he wanted to be with us all but circumstances didn’t allow. Soon into mid-second semester, he came for his first movie with us. Surely, he didn’t like the brand ‘geek’. Where the money came from, he never revealed. And soon, he was more with us than with the books. Also the daily ritual before sleeping to show the respect had now almost halved. His CGP dropped and he was bothered, depressed. Still some part of him had remained intact.
Then came the healer or indeed the killer, a bottle whose content was now a staple diet for me. Instead of infinite resistances, the liquid did find its way through his food pipe. That day meant the Brahmin family’s dreams would soon remain a dream. For the first time, the other side of the room smelled of wine. He couldn’t believe what he did, but soon it had to become a habit. Two years and finally the four walls that brought us up together, separated, to give a pair of four walls as next door neighbors. Then the third year for the first time, brought the hazardous addictive into his room. The room smelled bad for a fresher definitely, but it was now a common environment for me. He was my best friend now, and the geek had died.
First time, I heard abusive literature on phone from the next room and to my shock it was addressed to his parents. Surely, money was killing this family. And within days, that photo which thrilled this tiny heart two years ago was smashed by the very same hands. He shared his sad times with me, but all I did was suggest an expensive alternative. His poor brain had stopped working on its own, all it did was heeded those deadly words.
Twenty days later, a bank was looted and it was him. Few days more and it saw end of an era, he was no more, perished in a police encounter. Tears stopped in its way from my eyes, all that cried in me was my heart, endlessly. Today, one month has passed and infinite pressure of guilt on me, will allow IIT to see its second death in as many days. Thanks for the life you gifted me, God. Goodbye! See you in next life.
Also open the link ,it later got published in Infinity -IITD 's e-magazine.


Rohan said...

nicely written bro
Highly appreciated....

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Thanx for that comment

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