Friday, February 6, 2009

That 'common' side of me

"The toughest thing in life ,is to be yoursel
For days, now indeed months ,I have been arguing with myself ,I will not be yet another 'common man' ,and how efficiently I was on the path all these days. How much I disliked the feeling of being cool ,in enjoying life to the fullest and laying a list of demands ,surely tough for anyone to satisfy ,but that common question : "Its my birth right to get things done ,when I am paying for them". But back home in Chandigarh,a visit that spanned 5 days, I discovered what a 'cool' feeling it is ,to live life the cool way.
Let me make it clear once what I mean by not 'being common'
Hitler was 'not' a common man
Einstein was 'not' a common man
Warren Buffet is a 'common man' (The world's richest person)
Shakespeare was 'not' a common man
Roadies winner is a 'common man'
Pierce Bossnan is a 'common man'

What I mean to say is I don't want being 'not very ordinary' by gaining extra money ( let it be unimaginable values) or claiming fame by doing some action stunts entertaining masses; but do something to reform .May sound stupid and geeky ,but that is where 'true paths of enlightment shoud lead'.
Rough planning had been registered in my mind before leaving for how to begin for achieving all those claims. And so 'Digital Fortress' by Dan Brown was finished within the next day (Reading the book doesn't make me distinct ,but it is a part of my learning process). As usual I was all praises for man I idolize ,even partial suspense already revealed to me in some stupid acts of friends; for not a single moment it decreased my enthusiasm to move to the next page. And then I realized , how stupid an author Chetan Bhagat (the only other author's stories that I've read) is ,hardly does his stories contain any 'story'.But why am I debating on it. But the thing I hadn't imagined was :
A feeling rose within me to explore the genres I visualise as a time waste ,specailly movies (specially with Channels offering the "Festive" Season on TV as well). And to my surprise,it was an awesome experience,its not that I've never watched or liked one earlier anyway. Some of these movies forced me to take support of the bed to laugh ,else some forced my tears to finally make way from the tired IITian eyes and some were just wows .The movies were:

Epic Movie
Scary Movie 4
Jurassic Park 1,2,3
Bruce Almighty
Die Hard 4.0

As my channel scan terminated at Star Movies on seeing the stunning actress (Megan Fox) to watch Transformers, I gradually realised how good the movie was. Except in scenes where Megan was there for a bit long ,I decided to sacrifice concept for a few seconds to stare at her. One reason for me not liking Hollywood movies ,I must confess ( prime reason indeed) is my inability to comprehend accent used. But with channel ensuring people like me didn't change channel just for this ,they provided complete entertainment ,with all the subtitles. Scary Movies and Epic were unbelievable fun, in making excellent parodies of some highly famous movies. Die Hard 4.0 was amazing in some senses I can't put in words out here and Jurrassic Park got myself into the land along with those tourists as the movie progressed , my heartbeat ran as fast as the tourists ran from the dinos. Bruce Almighty was funny as well as focussing on an excellent moral.

So I somehow realize movies (Hollywood) are as much a part of me as much as I pretend them not to be.
Endless sleep was another aspect of the stay there where almost every time ,I gave up my interests such as writing and programming to allow my hands to stretch ,eyes to close and breathe in a sigh of relief. Luxury food had never been away whenever my steps made way into my home from IIT and so this time would be no exception.A promise of completing lag in some subjects ,seemed to be the stupidest thing everytime I reminded it to myself.And one thing for which I curse the worthless public ,so lots, I found myself doing the same thing.Wasting a limited resource called petrol,not for any purpose,but just to fulfil desires of speed driving.
The only good part was I did work good enough ,for my SECRET to take yet another step (it has to be done while I am in Chandigarh).
At this juncture I realize ,being all that 'uncommon' is one of the toughest jobs to do; and requires sacrifices easy to think ,but practical implementation is analogous to, standing below the flowing lava intentionally, to stop its further flow.


pgm said...

For every one way of being common, there are atleast two ways of being uncommon.
Proof by ...
ah ditch, its just a conjecture!

Still its easier to be common I guess.

Hmmm, but how easy is it to be common but make people think you're different? :P

btw, some earth-shaking movies i saw last sem were: Shawshank Redemption, Schindler's List, and Requeim for a Dream. These are movies that make you THINK, make you REFLECT etc. (havent seen bruce almighty, but ive heard that it does that too)

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

Yo pgm , liked one line specially from your comment :
How easy it is to be common but make ppl think you are different .
Ppl are bound to be different unless they have same DNA isn't it ..Roadies winners are the best examples of it : say all sorts of things they have attitude etc . etc. ,but isn't that very common ; would like to hear some bit of your proof ..
and ya though bruce almighty makes you think and reflects some good topics ,Scary Movies 4 was my favorite of all these, as it was first comedy of this kind I watched

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