Monday, February 16, 2009

That Crushing of Talents

"The key to success is learning from failure."
I lack the physical ability - so tennis wasn't going to accept me , I stammered while speaking out those lines -composed in the frame of 4 minutes- and didn't have appropriate content for debating (for what it requires is wonderful examples,which last 3 pages of newspaper-namely sports pages didn't give me)- debating accepted me but as someone just good enough for registration ,I ditched quizzing the way it is here and so did it to me ;I got selected unexpectedly for Street Play Team ,no one heeded my ideas ,an act of stupidity following earlier image given .All these were things I accepted as lines running through my hand determining my fate.
But if studies were not paying me the way it did past 15 years ,I knew my CV hadn't got to feature just my JEE Rank. So somewhere lied the key .And I slightly discovered I had rediscovered a touch of writing -far stronger than I had a few years ago.Here things were straight from my heart and philosophies were strong enough.
But had all of them been restricted to me ,they were as good as few pieces of paper just increasing the mess around in my room. So apart from this blog ,I found the right place to do this -Board of Student Publications ,in short BSP offering me exactly the thing I wanted (or at least I thought ,again).
Conveying them to the rest of the world ,so my own college wasn't a bad start. So my BSP rep's email ID was filled with messages from me (he must have hoped for them to be of a girl ,but may' ve been sad after reading the reader's name). And so this would 've compensated for all I lost till now. So there came along Campus Rumpus and IIT's newly launched e-magazine named 'Infinity'. And within minutes of scrolling I knew ,this was yet another of those things rejecting me.
What it offered was some personal stories about IIT life and also some stupid love stories ,some of them were definitely mind blowing ,but it got better of my frustration once again. It was sad the world was still not interested in knowing the truth as well as acting to more philosophical notes, what fascinated them still were some stupid love stories .So dejected as I was, I wanted to know what left me behind.
The answer lied in poor grammar, some useless lines ,poor indentation etc. I cursed editor for not doing the work efficiently (I know its easy to criticize someone ,but very difficult to act,but what anyone does out here is complain). So my next move was a tactical one, having a guy with one of the best English ,probably in IIT, I sought teaming up was not a bad option -Team Siddharth and Pradeep would be able to do ,what I couldn't do alone.
But he was too lazy to actually act and finally I had to do the task of editing myself ,which I tried with my full dedication ,but as long as I didn't know how ,it was almost the same as the unedited stuff.


Karun said...

whatever others may say, i wil surely say dat ur writing is quite gud... the best part is dat i get 2 know weird n funny stuff from iit... gud going...

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

thanx for dat (consolational) stuff, eventually my 2 articles have been published : one in an e-magazine ,other in
a technical magazine . But ya much of the stuff were stupid love stories in some articles ,in campus affairs. Ya and the funny stuff in IIT ,its not actually that funny experiencing it ,but ya reading may be

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