Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How much I hate this world -Part 2

"Justice always prevails . . . three times out of seven." -Murphy' s Law
About one week from my last visit to Sasi, and here I was back, sitting there waiting for food ,but the queue was hardly 5 people this time,so it meant not more than 15 minutes . Yeah ,quality of lunch here in hostel has made me quite a regular customer of the Parantha Wala's .
No doubt ,there is a mess committee at hostel level ,with full suggestions welcome and even good at implementing .If you thought ,being a first yearite ,I am too new to add some suggestion to it and get something done ,you are wrong .I and another guy together, already managed to get Wednesday menu changed from a hopeless Bharta and Curry to Chana Bhatura. But its not possible to manipulate the whole menu according to yourself ,I am not the king here. So finally accepting menu ,I 've decided to eat in mess 4 days a week only.Well forget that issue ,I deviated too much from the original topic.
Here at Sasi's ,something unusual caught my sight .As I had earlier mentioned ,forget Sasi's to be a restaurant ,it doesn't even qualify as a Dhaba ,you are sitting near the construction site ,hearing the noise made by continuous inflow and outflow of vehicles. But suddenly ,this time the atmosphere was filled with silence. A vehicle turned after every 15 seconds approximately ,quite unusual ,I have never seen an inflow of less than 15 vehicles per second earlier . I wondered what it could be .Stood in the middle of the road ,diverting whatever minimal amount of traffic ,2 policemen, allowing only some roads. Something was fishy. And yeah ,on finding the vehicles take time to reach the policemen ,guess what ,they asked the vehicles to increase their speed ,quite contrary to an opposite day. Worse ,for poor cycle and rickshaw drivers ,who couldn't follow the speed up instruction of the policemen came a response filled with Hindi slangs -all those mother and sister ones, from the police itself. I was amazed .What was happening ?Some sort of disaster ?Evacuation ? Signals of earthquake ?
And then a strange silence marked the road for next minute, I did totally forget ,I had ordered something . But then followed breaking the silence ,a queue of about 25 cars ,and I hardly took time to understand now, what had been happening.Some minister had been passing ,probably his car being in the middle of these 25 and road was supposed to be evacuated for his arrival ,for he can have a peaceful movement. It once again boiled my blood ,how simply these ministers can stop proceedings of the country for their self interest .
In the next instant ,came a person running to Sasi's ,stating the cars that moved had been hired from the Doaba Taxi stand. Probably ,he might have been connected to the taxi stand .Again my thoughts got a sound foundation .Doesn't this world have anything to bother about ,other than money and self -interest ? How cruel everything is ! And how much I hated this world .
As all these cars moved out ; within 10 seconds ,100 more cars followed ,as if an overflowing dam had just been allowed to flow out. As the light went red ,all of the waiting queue ,looked desperate to move and some of them did ,not bothering about anything else .
Wasn't this system of traffic lights meant for their safety ? Had they not been as they were ,accidents would 've been about 50 times it is right now .But none of them looked to bother ,what they wanted was curse the system for having them wait and hoped the timer would've initialized from 1/4 th the value it did, and abusing the inefficient management. Surely ,this world has a habit of imagining themselves to be the cleverest people alive on earth .Are the ones who developed this design fools ? Did it entertain them to see this waiting queue. And what had increased this time limit was indeed the traffic ,another act of these people ,unwilling to walk the minimal distances and making Delhi ,a huge garbage .Yeah, let you know a point ,as I have earlier stated ,if I am to hate the world for certain reasons ,I surely shall not contribute to it. I have never skipped a traffic light,but just studied clever functioning of the lights ,efficiently managing that convergence of traffic didn't end in mishaps.
If all this wasn't enough ,came some better reasons for me to ponder .A group of people entered the place ,most of them smoking in the open .I thought I had heard of a new law stating 'Smoking in Public Places was being banned'. Ya true ,I had heard it correct .These laws hardly end up getting implemented .Its quite obvious to think ,smokers lack the sense of other's sufferings ,and so was I ,suffering already from cough etc .worsened by smoke regularly entering my nostrils .The traffic police had been standing there all the time watching it .Sure ,he wasn't meant to act, but being a responsible policeman he knew who to approach. I thought to take the initiative of asking the police ,what this was ,but I'd been subjected to cruel behavior of these personnel earlier ,so decided leaving it after many thoughts.
I don't know why my every visit to Sasi's shows me a face of the world I dislike ,its not that its different within the campus. I hate the immediate fact, people enter this place ,the hub of research of this developing country, not to change things ,but to grab the packages it offers.
Now ,my stand was firm ,my hatred for the world had increased and it was time to change for either me or the rest of this world.

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