Saturday, March 7, 2009

The list goes on

"If anything simply cannot go wrong, it will anyway." -Murphy's Law
So ,a well populated list of things lost and classes bunked etc . ,etc. read my devastating condition in the first 3 months.But it was far from over ,yet another month from then ,the list has become larger.
Yet another 10-15 pens and about 5 pencils have been lost . But destiny has left me,at such a point that these all, look nothing and not worth bothering any more . If Digital mp3 player was my first big loss I repented for ,I didn't know main part was yet to follow.
Yeah,I have described the bag case quite well and don't think it need be explained again.
However ,the property loss corresponding to it is :
Bank Passbook - Rs. 100
Medical Booklet - Rs. 25
Mobile Phone Charger
Wrist Watch (just brought from home ,brought not bought)- Rs. 400
Jwalamukhi Night messing coupons - Rs. 220 ( Rs. 30 used out of 250)
Notebooks - Rs. 150
But that's exactly what happens ,you don't bother about property loss, when so much crisis follows.
Settling from that devastating loss, I lost yet another valuable ,which I 've not been able to find ,ever since the Street Play Day ,whether I left it at the venue or something else remains a mystery to me. It was the watch I wore daily ,of TIMEX (Rs. 4500).
Now that' s a big deal, but looks like much is yet to follow.
When it comes to classes bunked ,sleep has overcome need to attend classes quite well .With more than 25 classes of MAL alone- bunked ,things don't seem going the right way .But that's because its a no attendance class. Thank god ,ED classes finished well two weeks ago ,else it would have seen as many as 4-5 more proxies for my name. Else ,now attendance isn't bothering ,once I've realized 75% would be achieved under every circumstance ,I have started bunking CSL and CYL also ,for which I had maintained a clean sheet for absence ,all this long time .
Overall ,about 35 or 36 classes have been bunked .
Screw the IIT system also to some extents for this ,the classes go on ,till the very previous day with a rare preparatory leave during the exams. That increases the necessity for bunking ,so as to reduce tiredness and have energy to cover the courses the rest of the day.
But however ,on the long run ,these unending lists seem to take me nowhere ,other than downfall.

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