Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh man, I can't handle the man

"Failure is a stepping stone to success."
It was our last MAN class,(indeed our last day of classes in 1st sem) and who other to take the class than Mr. Amitav Tripathi ,well feared ,throughout IIT ,yeah same guy I messed with in my first Introductory Class.
And to be frank ,its the only class I liked,this semester .
Ever since the end of that first class ,I had decided not to speak a word to him ,until I was forced to.
So ,in his usual self ,he started commenting about some things regarding an IITian 's life ,how it ends up getting messed ,after hearing feedback about 1st sem at IIT from the students.
But as he is ,from nowhere the topic shifted to General Knowledge ,something regarding chronologically listing Presidents and Prime Ministers of the country we reside in. Yeah, it was not for marks ,no worries. Then it shifted to states of India and their capitals .

Simply, my genre ,so I was not to let it go. I was forced to ,open my mouth and take the challenge of doing the task .

But what followed ,was not what I had imagined .
Words that came out from my mouth ,were simply I didn't want to .No slangs anyway. No fights indeed ,just that I messed up all of it .

Current President ,well informed ,it is Pratibha Patil ,I spoke out Shiela Dixit (Delhi CM) .First President ,any other day I would've spoke Rajendra Prasad ,here it was S. RadhaKrishnan, thank god I got 3rd President right ,Zakir Hussain ,to prove ,I was not a rookie ,trying to act a professional .Else ,when came capitals -forever my genre ,the names Meghalaya and Sikkim ,got me trapped into cobwebs ,I couldn't resolve ,and so it was proved to the class ,it was a bad try .The capitals he asked me,were the only ones I didn't know in this country (makes a good statement for Murphy's Law).

I regretted it and needed another chance ,but that's not what life is for ,you don't get chances again and again.

Then came another genre ,I had specialized ever since my childhood ,indeed far better then and that's what I proved out there.It was mathematical calculations -specially sqaures of numbers.

So ,here came the volunteer for this ,to my surprise before I could contend again ,due to that humiliating defeat moments ago, my roommate -Tarun.
And then he offered squares ,too willing to interrupt I spoke out in between the answer, luckily first one correct ,but then screwed the following 4 efforts by margins of 10 or 20 ,but that's bad enough for a Mathematician.

In the end ,I realized ,seriously I had lost all those abilities that had made me special in my life ,as a result of grasping so much else ,that I forgot my own innovation .

So ,this defeat gave me some work to do in the holidays to come .

Regain the talent .Concentrate on it.

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pgm said...

Hmmm... you've taken it even outta the hols to hone your talent: in EEP !!! Ha!

Well yeah, I guess most of us have felt that way about quite a load of stuff, as is depicted in Literature following...
"Sing me a song of a lad that is gone,
Say - could that lad be I?
..." - John Masefield.

"Tears stream down your face,
When you lose something you cannot replace." - Coldplay. Lol, all the best recovering your lost talents. In my case, they're mostly gone PFoot!

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