Friday, March 6, 2009

That Lost Opportuinity

"Love without strategy,is like a football match without a goal."
After that loss in Street Play,covering all that was lost ,a minimum of 10 more classes (add to that earlier 20 something bunked) ,had been a primary aim.And a few days in ,my focus on studies had been as it should 've been .But something ,I well understood till now, was in their mood for pastime ,my wing members won't even let the others study,and worse ,some illness following those chilly night outs in practice sessions for the Street Play ,were all factors ,not allowing me to achieving my optimum levels.
So on a Thursday,gifted as a holiday for GuruPurab ( yeah ,you have to call that a gift by the IIT standards),my plan was firm,re exploring the areas designed to study in the institute-Reading Room and Library, I had left previous minors itself as a result of dislike.
But now ,I was forced in there. So I started well on course, but after studying about an hour in stretch (its a big deal now) ,something happened I hadn't thought. A girl (first year Civil Dept. ,a friend of the girl ,who I have been staring at since the first sight) sat in front of me herself,with 80% of the library empty.I was surprised.But instead, of making a move ,I decided to go on with my studies.How stupid.
Worse, when I ended with my notes,I laid with heads down on the table,planning whatever I should've spoken out the next moment ,but alas ,courage was missing ,and I took the cowardest step possible ,keeping my books out there itself on the table and departing for the CSC.I had lost the opporuinity ,she wasn't there ,when I was back.Surely , its the hardest thing for a boy on earth to predict ,whats going on in a girl's mind.Its true - "You miss 100% of the shots you never take ."
Though ,I did fulfil,my aimed study hours for the day,I lost once in a semester opportunity,I'll surely repent.


pgm said...

Lets just hope that whatever you wanted to say wasn't anything like what I was planning to do to my first (noticeable) and largest crush.


Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

advertising your crush ,huh?

pgm said...

lol, you sound as if ppl don't often do that, do they !

Ankit said...

Well i guess hwen u r in IIT u lack that confidence ,atleast in the frst yr, to approach a gal out of the blue.dunno why but had the situation been abt an yr or two back things would hv been better..

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

hey ankit from iitk ??
great to hear from you again...
ya, IITians lack damn confidence in the first are right, may be strategising was easier a few years back...
but I think it's mostly due to the screwed sex ratio here in IIT

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