Tuesday, March 24, 2009

That month which followed

"We realize the value of something ,only after it is lost."
Time to move on ,first semester was over ;no holiday home work like schools - implies even snakes have a bit of heart. Initial enjoyment with friends in the capital itself ,followed by the longest 'visit' to the place I belong from.
Select City Walk ,claiming the throne of being on top of my priority list ;did finally see me as a visitor ,but not as I had imagined ,i.e. not with the whole wing ,but with only two of my good friends -Piyush and Pradeep ,due to an act of negligence and treachery by the rest of the wing-I would call, which hurt me ,as well left me alone in the wing.More than the negligence ,fake claim of unity hurt me : unable to distinguish between unity and meanness.
Something unimaginable ,I took to in these initial days was playing tennis ,midnight after 12 upto 2-3 am ;daring, indeed enjoying the chill; new opponents willing to have a go at it. I also had to experiment, with sports ,where I am not the best in the wing, or most experienced, I shall say. Had a go at badminton ; for 4 straight hours, which again left my body battered gasping for breath ,but the temptation didn't die, to follow it with another tennis session. (It didn't actually either matter ,I had lost all my badminton matches).
Didn't get the opportunity to re-experiment with football and basketball ,due to the sad fact ,light faded at 5 in the evening, almost the time we woke up ,ditching sleep till about 6 or 8 in the morning (Once till 12 noon ).
LAN was an ideal experience ,changing my mind to consider from buying a laptop to insisting for it.
The sad part was the desperate homesick wing,which left the campus next day itself, after the end of semester. And this included, both my roomies- which made my room look like the cupboard under the stairs Harry Potter lives (has the same birthday as me).
However ,surely these 5 days were the best of my semester, and bidding goodbye to this campus, I definitely felt happy ,for the days preceding the end hadn't been the best and felt sad for the days following them indeed had been one of the best.
Revisiting 'city beautiful' ,now feels like heaven and the repaired computer and later the positive result of my insistence for laptop; made them so delightful. A huge list of movies had to follow (English only), but the best ones indeed in my lifetime .

War of the Worlds, though I'd watched it the day before JEE exam itself, it was far better watching it second time. (80/100)
Then unimaginable - daring a 3 hour English movie ,just unable to realize when all of it passed ,for the movie was the 4-Oscar winner : Lord of the Rings -Fellowship of the Ring; 'amazing' would be an insult as per standards of the movie. The best package of everything possible -unpredictable emotions ; I kicked myself for avoiding the movie so far in my life .(100/100)
It was worth risking another 3.5 hour movie -The Two Towers, 8th highest-grossing film of all time,former's sequel ; and did not at all repent it ,just ended up admiring . (90/100)
But the 4-hour movie that followed ,11 Oscars winner: Lord of the Rings -Return of the King, was unbelievable ,it could dictate my every emotion and thrill ascended with each and every second. (200/100)
Obviously ,now expectations had soared from Hollywood and I somehow didn't appreciate Scary Movies 2 ,the way SM4 was loved . (50/100)
I again saw Mr.Bean in action ,but in his other form -an agent , Johnny English . Endless decent laughter ,least bit of cheapness seeked to aid laughter ,it was an ideal comedy -a role model for Hindi counterparts as per me . (95/100)
Munich -watched it for the second time : a story on revenge for Black September . (80/100)
But some new habits ,I gained as bonding to a TV series I had never earlier heard of -Heroes ,with already 2 seasons gone ; watching it all. And what a series ,it is ,entirely contrary from traditional English genre of series -comedy ; thrilling suspense, action .The stupidest part was- the character I admired the maximum was the villain, Sylar . (100/100)
Friends ,it looked as if they were giving 1 hr specials for me only , I didn't miss it once and could easily figure out why it was my favourite.
Apart from technical invasion in my life ,natural art like reading and writing found a new high in my life ; however I completed only 2 books - The Broker - the Bestseller by John Grisham and I realized why the bestseller tag is not always a sufficent reason for liking something . I disliked the book the maximum in all I have read till date .The other was another thing ,I avoided all my life -Harry Potter and the Philosopher 's Stone ,it didn't matter I knew the story from the movie, which I hardly understood , I admired it a lot .
I worked hard enough for my SECRET accomplishing almost 10% of it ,but sadly however hard I work ,in cases like this 50% depends entirely on other side's reaction and answer.
I didn't waste valuable moments sleeping ,just wondering and wishing I had work ,indeed I suffered as an insomniac, unable to sleep before 4 am.
I enjoyed being with my family most of the time and was almost tears when the time for goodbye arrived.
I did realize the importance of family in my life and accomplished some aims quite well ,unlike other times; and surely this was the best holiday of my life.

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