Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy New Year?

"As you sow,so you reap."

Things have been happening in my life ,but sadly I didn't find everyday as eventful to be wriiten here ,probably because I have been used to hard times ,but surprises have indefinitely come my way and I find myself amidst things I wasn't hoping myself to be in .

One of the rare beginnings to the semester was within the room -with my roomie Tarun making a desperate move 2 rooms to the right ,thus leaving our room with two guys - a result of mutual understanding , for unsettled differences growing within the room. But the surprise was about 4-5 days later when I discovered 4 beds in my room , Tarun reoccupying one of the beds along with the admired Gaurav Singh filling another ,as a result of some attachee shifts to the hostel. Things settled to normal within a few days within the room and the hostel ,our room was back as it had been used to .

Later in the month , I went through the feeling of ditching a higly interesting Adventure Camp ,my body not being at odds with it . But some better replacement was ensured in the form of Group Dance ( me playing one of the stupidest roles of contolling UV Lights for our hostel) and watching Tarun playing well deserved cameos in our performance .Being yet another same result for Jwala ,we lost .But later in the night ,among the audience I found myself seated next to the girl I have been staring at (and now I finally know her name),trying to gather guts and deserving excuses to talk to her .Unfortunately ,things are not so simple when it comes to girls ,so I lost my best ever opportuinity I could have managed in thoughts and strategies. Having a laptop of my own meant , I would be one of those in my wing who wouldn't have to beg for one from others when it came to submitting the assignment as well as loads of time pass ( in my language irresistible time waste). Assignment 1 continued to give the chillls and the deadline drew closer and hopelessness increased with every passing day . Finally ,in an atmosphere filled of tension I managed to submit the assignment with loads of help from others ( for which I would be later prosecuted of copying, actually everyone) and offerings to our Gods for the moment : the debuggers, in the form of Maggis who found it a moment of their life to show off highly and refuse the desperate candidates for getting hopeless programmes debugged.

It however , was some of the best action the month got as with an hour remaining 1 of my 3 programmes got automatically deleted ,due to some errors by the one who designed Java Blue J ,all I can explain how it happened is : it was a confusion in calculator and Calculator, which I somehow managed to recode in an hour and send succesfully.

All this ensured a happy trip for 3 days to my home (which would later be prolonged to 4, for a mysterious eye infection striking me on the last day) where I got the highest form of luxury I could have imagined , a buffet full of prawns ,kababs etc. gifted by my Dad to me . I got to see my long serving idol -Federer manage a narrow win against Tomas Berdych in the Australian Open ( later I would have to bear the pain of watching him lose to someone I hate the most -Nadal, the monkey in yet another 5 setter).

My return to hostel gave me an unwelcome announcement ,I had missed the demo I was supposed to be giving to my TA for Computer Assignment for my eye infection. However , when I tackled the problem with a mail to the TA , I found the makings of yet another cruel jokes of fate : I had in a hurry and all that nuisance submitted the wrong file where I hadn't included the recoded file. With all the stupidity making way along with me into the lab for my Demo, I further had to bear some more of it. None of my programmes worked out there in front of the TA as is stated in Murphy's Law. (Hence another converse was proved here: You don't reap necessarily as you sow.)He gave me invalid inputs all my programme's answers were valid inputs - I was screwed (And Piyush was given the same invalid inputs ,but to his luck got his ass saved as what his programme gave was only invalid inputs.) and when the questions followed by the Teaching Assistant , I found myself in a positon knowing some concepts without knowing what their inventor had bothered to name them , laying down foundation to one of my favorite dialogs later on "What's in a name"?
PHP ,the code for Physics Practicals, which all believe is a seperate story of its own, was simply not changing my reputation when it came to practicals.I found myself asking the teacher frequently in the Vivas my favorite dialog "What's in a name,Sir"?, as it had also become his hobby to exploit me with using names and even asking me names I didn't bother to remember .
My extracurriculars were flourishing as I was a victim of narrow losses in Quizzing and enjoyed Word Games, my interest regenerated in the clubs. I saw yet another of my articles published in a new 'Techno' Magazine-Cornucopia .
However, tennis -my hobby ,was now way apart from me ,for my captain wasn't taking special interest in untrained players and especially because ,I had chosen a new path (which I may frankly admit is since I was desperate to do something and maybe even for CV) - Athletics ,well aware that I was asthmatic I was willing to compete 1500 m after being a passionate 1600 m runner in the NSO training hours and got myself subjected to some brutal practice sessions throughout Athletics practice schedule.
A development in the social circle was my friendship with Pradeep had taken a new turn, and he was now willing to understand me and was always there for me - a rare true friend in IIT . Else , I had started sucking in the social circle - because I had plotted things that way , unwilling to be one of those many devoting their life for a name in the society and finding new ways of being the Center of Attention to others .My relations with seniors had however improved drastically and though some may not agree, I was the most popular and unpopular first yearite in my hostel. So ,with the minors not being an event in the month ,it summed up as an ordinary one but still eventful enough to get entered here in my blog.


Divyam Singhal said...

batta will remain the same, when it comes to courses with the name ending with a "P"

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@ divyam :
its bhatta not batta

pgm said...

"Whats in a name?"

but ok seriously, its friggin confusing when you post entries that are months old! Like 1st assignment in APRIL? :P

Live and let live, and please re-enter the social circle! [its not bad for people to get to know you ;)]

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

ok pgm :
really superb about that first line ;
whats in a name ?
yeah, have to agree on it ; it was January when I left for it , haven't ever since written on a computer assignment .
This drawback shall remain for a bit longer as I started the blog in December when the first sem was already over , so
don't go by the words , go by the feel of things
and yeah the social circle thing ; i never critcized anyone else for being into it in this article . I am good overall when it comes to no. of contacts anyway ,but truly you won't agree; I know- its better for people not to know me more than that . Either know me completely or just a bit of it suffices .Intermedite doesn't at all fit the equation .
"Little knowledge is a dangerous thing."
And there were things to comment on this article about like the girl I have been staring at in the GD next to me
or if you remember the description of Calculator and calculator and how my room used to be with all those permutations of people going on

pgm said...

ya, nice girl. Mischievous looking, I should add. But nice girl anyway.
Hmmm, theres a lot going on with you I won't quite be able to grasp.

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