Thursday, April 16, 2009

Those New Experiences

" Life is a learning experience."

A blend of new experiences awaited me yet again as I re-entered the campus after a month of holidays to become a 20% engineer .Most of them lied in the field of Co-curriculars,as mentioned earlier. However,some other interesting ones were :-

The totally new experience was betting money ; not on card games or horses ,but on football matches with results already declared; Piyush taking the fun of us winning and losing money as he announced the results one by one ,before one of us took the fatal step of betting for the wrong team .I ended up losing 15 Rs. ,but it was surely one of the best experiences of the earlier part of the semester.

An unwanted desperate step ,which must be mentioned is- letting whisky find an attachment with me, when in a way to get Thums Up; I had to drink it blended with some 5% whisky.

Quizzing saw me lose by the narrowest margin of my career as my team lost on starred questions after having tied at the cut-off score. My teammates again proved ,how disregardful my opinions and answers are ,as my guess stood as the only correct one in a lot of so many students just to be made unheard once again within my team.I discovered how word games invited the birth of political games between us as we played out various permutations ,making it clear : NEVER BE SURE ABOUT YOUR TEAMMATE IN ADVANCE.
I became the part of something very less people do ,mass bunking a PHP lab .
Also was another experience :first of it's kind- participating in 'Poltu'.

Overall, the semester has given up many new experiences- some good ,some bad ; but many more are sure to come.


pgm said...

Did you know? Mahatma Gandhi too had experiences of smoking and drinking... aand NON-VEG :O (all of which he later regretted, but I'm sure enjoyed for the 'experience' of it).

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

Mahatma Gandhi - not my idol in life anyway, non-veg huh ! i shall regret for it maybe after three or four lives .

Karun said...

whatever u may say... i believe that the best quiz team was OURS...

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

You know what Karun , you turned me emotional and no denying the fact after I have been losing here in quizzes ,however close they be

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