Sunday, May 3, 2009

That Examination Fiasco

"If the surface of the lake seems to be clear, look deeply there may be sharks inside."

Till mid-February , this semester looked to be more promising for me than the previous one ; given- lesser lab hours and slightly more interesting courses.
Though the EEL teacher seemed to be nothing less than a curse , the course by the end of preparation for minors seemed not all that bad .Quantum Mechanics seemed to have developed an affinity with me as it didn't leave me despite the end of CYL course last semester. This PHL course was equally tidious and was the subject I feared would spell my doom . Given the horrible exam schedule ,i.e. 5 exams in 4 days with 2 exams a day twice- life had become a tiring journey. MAL- we did finally get to learn from one of the most reputed Professors of IIT -Amitav Tripathi -and whatever others got to say about him, he is surely the best teacher IIT could have offered, and that was making the tough course for MAL seem easier. CSL - though getting tougher by the hour, looked non-deserving of extra study hours and AML -the course all others panic about seemed just OK and worth cracking .

But the end of the exams spelled yet another story. EEL, the teacher proved why he didn't only seem to be a curse; as he framed a perfect 30 marker question out of 40 to screw the students all from the last chapter and in the remaining 10 used horrible terminology to leave us being strangers to the course at the end of the day. PHL- another exhausting paper ,the same evening didn't prove as horrible as it promised to be on the contrary, as they seemed to have develop some pity on the students and offer the somewhat easier questions. The next morning promised no rest as we had our AML paper and it helped us pass our least ambitious valentine's day ever in our life; preparing for the next two papers and appearing for the AML papers ,which I could have said 'just OK'. One day gap followed by 2 more papers the next day, MAL as we got a glimpse of why all dreaded Tripathi in his papers. CSL ,though given the preparation time of 10 hours ,I could bear only 2 while studying and ended up getting screwed during the paper.

The results proved the semester could be a worse struggle than the previous as the marks read :

EEL 101- 15/40 (far more than expectations;average-18)
AML 110-15/40 (average -29)
PHL 120-16/25 (average-15)
MAL 122-14/25 (average-8)
CSL 201-6/20 (average-13)

Though the marks in MAL don't seem to be good at all ,but it turned out that was the second highest in the class; highest being 17. AML - I expected about 25 ,but the marking scheme which gave marks only for final answers again made sure I was dreaming. PHL ,I wasn't expecting this much,but it's always like you start expecting you had got more once you do get higher than expectations. I couldn't get 1 marks increased as I missed out receiving the paper on time ,having gone for Athletics practice; one question being unchecked. EEL ,the whole class never expected to be getting more than 10, but it seemed the marking was lineant as a compensation and the average suddenly rose above my marks; and the subject I cherished computer - I seemed to be one of the most screwed candidates, as one fear found its way in me which had been far away till now- that of failing.

It had some lessons to teach- this semester as all said, was far tougher than the previous sem and though I had the reputation of flopping in easy courses and prospering in the tough ones ,it looked like here I made a point to flop in everything.


Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

pradeep ,pardon for again posting a 3-month old post, but just use it as a memory of minor 1

pgm said...

Hmmm, how about starting your post(s) by something like...
"In the context of 3 months ago..." or whatever :P

Divyam Singhal said...

oye, is it like ur maintaining a diary and then just pour things out of it after 3 months or do you have a very good memory?

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@ divyam :
actually a combo, it would be soooooo bad to deny I have a good memory , but yeah some of the posts are written actually 2 months later after it happened and many then only and poured when it fits in the context

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