Thursday, May 14, 2009

That Unexpected Treat

"If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something. "
-Murphy's Law
Well minors 2 were approaching ,a week long holiday just 4 days before the exams ,the same hectic time table- more than ensured this would be another of those examinations listed under screwed. And by now,I had killed any regret that was part of getting the papers back, doom was expected nothing would surprise me and so I went expecting for the worst. And after the results were declared, my marks read :
EEL -10/30 (Average -13.81)
MAL- 7.5/25 (Average - 7)
PHL- 10.5/25 (Average -13)
AML- 45/50 (Average - 38-40)
CSL - 8/20 ( Average- 3/20)
First time since entering here, I achieved some marks that looked like marks -the AML marks.Yeah sure, the paper was highly scoring and many managed full, but do I bother ? It was the best announcement for any result since entering the campus for me. Do any of the other scores look good, surely not- but now fate has left me at such corners ,I would call this 'The Unexpected Treat'. I confirmed my status of the one ,fearing the easy papers and subjects and standing upto the challenge for the tough ones.
CSL - I managed a 8/20,just 2 more than what I got last time but the average dipped 10 than previous time, even computer science people contributing to it. Somewhat, the fear of flunking seemed to be a little relaxed as what people around me managed were 1 and 2 and I got the second highest in my wing.
EEL- only 10, but that's what they all got; forget the average- these Computer people are desperate to get marks and never leave a paper like this when it comes to scoring. PHL, yeah it was lesser than what others got- but that was more than I could have expected for, after the teacher looked to be in a mood of testing some actual concepts in the paper. It's unbelievable, even quantum mechanics has concepts. MAL- I got only half as the last time,but not the one to sadden me.
My SGPA looked to be charging above 7 ,probably 7.5 and it was the minor that didn't give me the bad memories. It's always good to have company at the bottom.


pgm said...

Correction: PHL average was 14 [:P makes you look worse, doesn't it :P].
CSL was interesting...

AML sucks (the grading)!!! Its like if everyone's getting an 80, you're not supposed to be satisfied with 80... tch!

Divyam Singhal said...

now that even majors' results have come up and were much more scandalous ( csl and mal ) and that minors have gone out of context(w.r.t. time), why did u have to write this post!! anyways, ive already put up one about the majors

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

nice place to advertise your blog , divyam ....
as I had said earlier , I post some old contents later on , so you have to bear with that ...

Piyush said...

As I always preach(but seldom practice)....Sab Moh maya hai!

Divyam Singhal said...

lol, i would advertise anything but my blog.... coz therz no fun then... its like forcing people to read you, wich sounds lame

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@Pradeep :
decided to reject your comment on date , because here comments didn't relate to article but argument about incorrect time of posting , will follow the advice anyway.
@ Piyush ;
whatever moh maya argument doesn't seem too good always when you are deep into the sea

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