Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Those 3 mistakes of my life - The beginning

March 20-25
"Neither money nor fame excites me as much together as does power and authority alone."
Seasons are defined in the year as summer,winter,fall etc. But here we saw a wholly different season which though lasted the least of any such season seemed the longest of all : The so-called 'Poltu season'.
The environment of the hostel seemed to changing gradually every passing day, as developments such as some new fresher falling into the trap of those campaigns and anti-campaigns by the seniors continued.
The ones safe from it were thankful enough to God,not me for it doubted my popularity.
With the minor 2 's end making way for these seniors to go public, (despite some rules stating no more than 4 people allowed together) none was left and soon all almost forgot we were here for acads, and the time to bunk classes had just began.
For the freshers, there were incentives like handling them Positions of Responsibilty in the form of captains of various sports and representatives of clubs. Yes, it was fight for seeing the name on the same board which we despised the initial half of the year.
As my desire for power grew, I however felt contented with going for the tennis captain for I had the passion in this sport ,all the freshers believed it and was by far the only deserving candidate. The doubt in my mind lay for the post of BSP representative ,for now that I had realized that writing was a part of me ,I was determined to take it to another level. And surely becoming rep was a valuable step in the process. But as I saw Rohan desperate for the post, I backed out and agreed to work under him in a commitee ,for he somewhat used my weak points and got me out of the race.
All was smooth till here, except when I decided to screw myself yet again.
Developments continued in the seniors and I was happy to find my favorite senior ,Amit Seetha standing for the post of Mess Secretary for I had seen him working in the mess the whole year and thoroughly felt he deserved it, just when I came to know the opponent was none other than Parth- the current Tennis captain, the one who never showed interest in me for he was always 'busy'.
As our Cultural Secretary- Gaurav Dhama- who I respected till then ,took out the grudge of his personal bad relationships with Seetha in Parth's (anti)campaign (which thoroughly convinced the freshers), I thought I had to shoulder the responsibility of getting things back to neutral.
I went on among the people speaking pros of Seetha and even the cons of Parth and portrayed him as a CV desperate guy (he is). People were convinced ,but somehow walls can even hear. This was immediately a news in the hostel, and though I never felt any problem in this ; it all began with Parth's next campaign where he anti-campaigned against me!!??
It hardly made sense ,but ensured one thing -things were now no more going to be smooth.

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