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Those 3 mistakes of my life : Resolving the deadlock

25th-26th March
"Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse. "

"If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong." -Murphy's Laws
Before reading this make sure ,you have read Those 3 mistakes of my life : The Beginning . (The post just below it )
If Parth's campaign was not enough,this announcement surely was - a guy named Sangeet (these guys with girly names always suck) stood in contention for the post and God knows why he considered himself deserving for the post ,when literally whole of the freshers batch refused to have seen him working for it and all had seen me ,playing it .It looked like the beginning of a cheap political stunt and here a CV desperate guy who had refused to show his face for most time of the year and was here for the captaincy.
The happenings can be best summarised in the form of dialogues.
"Yeah you will surely be the captain, no one else has shown interest and played during the year." Parth the day before the elections.
"He has shown great enthusiasm and played for three months." Parth about Sangeet while in the deadlock to House Secy.
"From the very first day,he has shown enthusiasm; practised a lot ,I agree. Even played but somehow I don't see him as the tennis captain." clarifying against me to the House Secy.
"Dubey sir, please do an open-voting , we know who is dedicated towards responsibilties." a first-yearite helping things end soon, for he knew it had to be me.
"No open voting it hampers the unity."
"There is a camp in NSO for free tenn
is coaching ,but I've started athletics; so may be I cannot join you will have to help me." me to Parth in February beginning
"I'm busy." his response
"Why didn't you join the Tennis Coaching Camp?" Parth later during deadlock
"I didn't join because I was practising with the cricket team." Sangeet to the same question when asked after about half an hour the same question.
"I've seen him playing tennis throughout the year and also in Athletics." the Sports Secy about me
"We have decided we'll either have two captains this year or no captain at all. Else it may as per alternate semesters." Trying to resolve
"I agree." Its me.
"I have a fight." Sangeet.
"Let there be a toss." Another suggestion
"I have a fight." This time it's me
"What will you do ,if you become the captain?" Maintenance Secy. to Sangeet
"I'll join a tennis coaching and learn how to play well." an awesome reply
"Please,resolve this take the Athletics captaincy." Sports Secy finally in disgust to me
"What about Rachit, you have made him the captain. He deserves it more than me and I hate the sport anyway." Me to House Secy.
"We 'll deal with him, just say yes." the response
"OK." The golden mistake finally after 3 hours
"I'm hating you for accepting the post." A wing guy after I came back
"If he didn't get the tennis captaincy, why did he have to accept the Athletics captaincy?" A wing guy to another
"Please ,get out of my room,I've no fight against you." Rachit to me
" It has double the points as compared to any other sport and requires passion and dedication."
My inner conscience finally speaks out
"I can't do it, just undo my decision as of yesterday, unresolve the deadlock." Me frustrated to House Secy.
"I've made you the captain again, I didn't deserve it." In my SMS to Rachit
"What is this joke , aren't you sure which post to take?" Sangeet with some others to me
"If I was as selfish as you, I wouldn't have backed from the post of Athletics." An adequate reply
"You dimmed your chances by agreeing to Athletics captain, show a nomination of students in a sheet ,they support you." Maintenance Secy to me
"What is this sheet all about?" Sachin , Sangeet's friend and a big poltu player.
"None of your business?" My reply as I thought he deserved
"46 out of 60 present have agreed to sign for me, take this sheet." Me while submitting the sheet to House Secy.
"You are already the captain." Someone else to me
"It's like me vs anyone and not me vs Sangeet." Me to my friend
"Tell us truthfully what happened." Incoming Sports Secy and Culutral Secy assembled with the wing to me
"I'm not feeling happy after all this." Me to my friend
"The Dean of Students is going to be involved in this case." Secys . to me
"I'd rather back than going through all this ." My response
"Tell me truthfully ,how did your name get in there?" House Secy . to me personally
"You put it! " My shock
"No way, did you fill nomination form." A guess
"Yeah of course, I was supposed to wasn't I?" It was obvious wasn't it
"Did you fill the nomination form ?" To Sangeet
"No captains are not supposed to fill ,right?" Dull people know some valuable things
"I back from this post ,I can't tolerate any further it's in the best interest of hostel every step I've taken, I'm still allowed an open-voting, but after this I rather not accept it." Me to C wing
"Make sure he can't stand for open-voting." Electrical Guy to House Secy.
"He is dividing C-D wings." Sachin to C wing

I had made gradually the 3 mistakes of my life :-
1) Stepping down from the BSP rep. post
2) Accepting and stepping down Athletics captaincy
3) Going for closed voting;Withdrawing and decalring Sangeet as captain.
The deadlock was finally resolved ,I don't know why I had shown my concern for the hostel and became an 'epitome of sacrifice' to stand down selflessly, finally ending empty handed.


Divyam Singhal said...

jwala is so much into poltu...
juss see what happens in kumaon, its all about ur abilities and not poltu... (was that advertising too?)

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

you made a real mess of that advertising thing. May be that's not advertising .Everyone knows Kumaon is fair.
Jwala poltu sucks to the depths dude you are just finding it by reading ,you would have felt it if you were there in Jwala
Lucky to be in Kumaon

Divyam Singhal said...

omg... i was expecting bhatta to counter attack on me...

pgm said...
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Ankit said...

hey this is Ankit frm IITK barely got thru my frst year. I have been following ur blog 4 quite sumtime now n got to say u write well. and the incidents u talk abt are the same ones we encounter as well. As i go thru ur posts all i think of is tht hey kinda this happened with me too.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@ankit :
nice to hear from you , iit tradition is not really as nice as they say..
thanx for the praise of this blog ...
may be you have faced quite same things but this politics thing specially was a major bad thing in my life apart from Practicals

Raghu said...

bhatte I'm surprised to see that people outside MaC are taking interest in your blog. Keep it up.
And Bhatte you yourself are responsible for your poltu plight.
Recall the day you came to me saying that "yaar no one is involving me in poltu, Iwant to get involved." See, you got involved and you tasted it how good it is. And ffuucckk Sangeet and Sachin (the intensity of my word fuck is much more than your anger towards them). You should have mentioned how I screwed the plan of outgoing Cultu.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

OK, thanx for the positive comment.
And come on , your reply to Dhama was interesting but I write related to me mostly
your hatred for Sangeet and Sachin is far more than mine ? Why would it be? You just think so !
anyways hatred is not a good virtue
and yeah ,I know I am responsible for my own plight and I have written it in the previous post I was desperate to get into it

AVP said...

oye bhatte...friendly advice
poltu mein yaa toh jee bhar ke ghus varna na ghus. poltu= No conscience. VArna bahut pachtayega aise hi.

aur haan tum jwala vaale arbit machate ho... matlab so much controversy over a captain??

vaise acha likhta hai...

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

AVP , i infer Anant Vidur Puri:
great to find you as a reader.
poltu= no conscience, i don't think it can be that harsh!!
ya jwala sucks i agree totally with you, i would have given up soon with tennis captaincy (though i still say I am the only one who played), if I had not given up on BSP earlier...and else jwala people have ways to invent unnecessary poltu

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