Thursday, June 18, 2009

Amidst all the Controversies

“Winners have dreams, losers have schemes.”
If you have heard of the conspiracy theory, I bet you would not like to be a part of it, as a victim.
What about the following:
Maths examination:
Exam day: Expectations are around 15 out of 60 on an average, though many have copied from one another. Pass marks are expected to go as low as 22-23 out of 100.
A few days later: An announcement by Professor that he received an anonymous e-mail stating the people who copied from each other and shockingly they do match. All guilty people must confess, others plead innocent on mail. The list won’t be revealed. (My reply at the bottom of this article– the best of all of them, the Professor later said)
Before giving away the exam sheets: Prof declares he is not happy with the way mails have turned up to him, people with name in the list not confessing and therefore he shall increase the pass marks to 30, innocent shall also suffer as a consequence.
After getting the exam sheets: 23 out of 36 appearing students fail the course, I manage 37 out of 100 – 6th highest in the class, just to be given a C- (5).
Computer Examination:
PMT announcement: People are happy to have got about 8-9 on an average out of 20 in the assignments, having done nothing significant. I, being a victim of poor records in labs, demos receive 4.5. (Also having done nothing significant)
On the day: Apart from 35 marks paper, there is a 15 mark questionnaire on what we did in the assignments and how we did them. The marks distribution is not properly explained.
Paper distribution: The marks out of 20 are all refreshed, 15 marks questionnaire has 100 % weightage. The demo marks are reduced to 5 marks weightage. People are ruined; get on average 1.5-2 marks out of 15. I got 1.5. Some guys who ticked an option stating taking help from the net in one assignment get 0 out of 20 (though we knew they were some of the rare people who actually submitted fully working assignments).
2 guys who frauded, but did not accept get -10 (minus 10) each. One of them fails (he had passed in the PMT itself though).
AML (Applied Mechanics):
Marks announcement: People have got very high marks. People with 84 are expecting to get a 10 for sure. I am wondering if I will get a 9 at 71.6.
Grade announcement: People with 82 get 7. 10 is given at 91 marks. I also get a 7.

Conspiracy (anonymous mail), controversy (everything else), drama was what we witnessed in the run through to returning home after having finished the necessary schedule of examinations. The hostel environment was robbed of peace, people guilty trying their best to play permutations, ways to save themselves. The others could just see. Then there was resentment, shock. A first timer this was and though I was unhappy for some of my friends, but this instilled some trust I had lost in the system- this really is something.

My reply to the allegation (quoted directly from my e-mail without any changes):
Sir this is Siddharth (Bhattacharya).
In the middle of this controversy, though I would not expect my name to be there, but since I can see Pradeep already named in this list, inspite of being the fairest, I can't surely avoid the possibility of my name being in the list.
As per copying from my side, I assure you the maximum I copied was from you, and no one else (I asked you question No.5 to help me by giving examples).
As per my vicinity is concerned , to my left sat Divyam Singhal, behind me Raghwendra Pratap Singh,next to him was Kshitij Tulsyan whereas the other two ends of mine were empty.
So, by the least chances if my name is there in the list; it has to be with Divyam or Raghu most probably, for I didn't bother to raise my head to look into anyone's paper; may be they bothered to look into mine. I wasn't protecting my sheet with my arms to avoid copiers copying.
So from my side, I plead innocent to you .If still you are unsatisfied I am always willing to co-operate.
Yours faithfully,Siddharth Bhattacharya

Sorry Divyam


Divyam Singhal said...

Bhaata, you suck....
Well, the innocent people, who don't know what happened... Bhatta fucking called me to ask if i copied from him or not, i clearly said no, and clearly told him dat it waznt possible for to pass despite cheating from anyone... and still this nasty freak, spoke out my name to AT... i hate you bhatta....

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

I know Divyam, but you weren't that reliable at that time, you know with an image of never having studied MAL and requiring something special to pass , and ME on your side, it would have been worthwhile to guess that you copied...anyways, if all were busy saving their asses in lame ways, this had to be another of them.
Sorry again Divyam, i finally know your ethics

Anonymous said...

Your reply was really something, once you look past the cheekiness of it. actually makes me wonder what EXACTLY were the others' replies.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@ Anonymous :
The other mails were not composed like this...people were busy saving some pretended our head while swiveling met a line from his answersheet...those who were innocent wrote 'i am innocent' ...i like messing the tried this mail

Piyush said...

Well I digged out my reply:
This is regarding the MAL 122 Major cheating allegation.
I did the whole paper myself,and during the whole paper I kept to myself. I DID NOT even help anyone,or encourage talking.
(On the contrary,I hope you find my solutions unique ;) )

Thanking You,

Piyush Ahuja
1st Year

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