Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rules are meant to be Broken (*)

  • “Why aren’t you wearing a helmet?”
  • “Why did you litter on the road?”
  • “Why are you smoking, it’s a public place?”
  • “Why did you skip the red-light?”
  • “Why are you running a car exhausting fumes, having failed a pollution test?”
  • “Why have you opened the shop here, it is an unauthorized area?”

All these questions met with the same answer: “Grow up! Rules are meant to broken”. Wow, is that the latest mantra of life? To be cool, to prevent being an outcast, it’s as simple as ‘break the rules’. Perished has the time when abiding to them was considered moral ; because moral values have become a laughing stock nowadays ,just loads of garbage dumped upon young lads ,dissipating their precious times. But it’s not only these values that have been lost, but also logic that has been flushed in this quest for coolness.

So who made these rules? Were they fools? Weren't they made with a vision of progress, confining the world within certain levels -just as to ensure smooth and fair movement of things? Laws emerged as a consequence for those who were too cool to bind to these foolish set of rules and regulations, to ensure these were not made into a joke. But the world has moved far with time, progressing -with style, fashion in blood itself, but certain areas have faced retardation sadly as a consequence.
And one of them is the judicial system, which has been crumbling, as thefts, murders, accidents and everything punishable under law has increased manifolds and suddenly seems out of their control. And so we as normal citizens find ourselves helpless as law continues to falter and so can only question whether if we can lead a life of freedom, without people outside our restricted social circle unnecessarily seeping in to harm us?
The answer shockingly lies with the ones asking the golden question (that is us) and is crystal clear, and it just requires that we remove the cloth tied in our eyes .It’s true law has failed to serve as the epitome of efficiency, but our recalcitrance makes the situation worse. If we are violating rules at the small scale, we are dampening the efficiency of the authorities on the large scale. We ourselves have become the perpetrators of peace.
If Rules are meant to be broken, accidents are meant to happen, murders are meant to steal and to resolve personal grudges, rapes are meant to be enjoyed, and terror attacks are meant to seek revenge.
Yeah, true if rules are meant to be broken; then so is true for all that follows. It sounds harsh but is agonizingly true. Curse the fool who gave birth to the extreme famous mantra - ensuring a basic criterion for qualifying as 'cool'.
While fulfilling our social responsibilities (towards our social circle), we forget the civil responsibilities (as a citizen). Can’t they be merged, so that we can follow both? Sure, they can. If we all start following rules as responsible civilians, it will be a bandwagon soon; not compromising on the social front as well.
It finally reduces to a two -path choice, are rules meant to broken? If yes, then all the evils being cursed deserve to be hailed and so for the law, it can't be expected for them to keep handling situations where we go on complicating them ourselves. Else if a sense of logic has re-entered the world, it is time for resurgence - banishing all those evils won't be tough, all we need to ensure is we aren't enemies of laws ourselves; the choice is as simple as a cool death or a peaceful life.

P.S. It may seem to people who know me, that I myself have been breaking rules. Yeah true, but I have been breaking the social rules. The difference in breaking the social rules and the civil ones is the same as the difference between an unsocial guy and an anti-social guy. Being unsocial never harmed anyone, being anti-social ruined many lives.
So, as I shall advice break social rules if you will, that will be indeed great for else you shall be bound to the monotonous routine of life and live it as others want you to, but as far as other rules are concerned, please adhere to them.

- Edited by Shubham Kumar


pgm said...

"recalcitrance" :D I had to google out the meaning! Its an amazing word though. Speaks VOLUMES (maybe thats why its so long :P)

Yep, this article speaks WISDOM. Highly!

"Rules are meant to be broken" - yeah, I've thought about this; in the sense of 'banning something makes it so much more in practice' philosophy. Recalcitrance indeed! I guess if people didn't TELL us what to do, we wouldn't LOOK to breaking the rule... As such, they should be 'followable guidelines', rather than 'iron-hard-RULES'.

"Can’t they be merged, so that we can follow both? Sure, they can. If we all start following rules as responsible civilians, it will be a bandwagon soon; not compromising on the social front as well."
i LOVE this optimism. I'm doomed without it.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@ pgm:
it is just a piece of the many words I have learnt in these holidays, i think you can see these changes.
Ya but it's wrong if my message goes as 'there shouldn't be iron-clad rules' because it leads to reverse philosophy, indeed we should give up this philosphy of breaking them
and ya i really thought about that piece about merging them, and at least optimism can drive if not berating i suppose


yaar i have a different opinion as far as following rules goes. this society expects you to follow rules and life is burdened with clichés. but think about all the famous scientists and their famous inventions and discoveries. could this be possible if they had adhered to the general opinion of the masses? you have to be unconventional if you want to see yourself as a face in the crowd. you are only remembered for the rules you break. mind you, my message doesn't mean that we keep on shattering rules just to gain few minutes of fame. i am merely stating that you need to have a justification and a decent amount of self confidence to break rules. consider this... even breaking rules is an art!

Siddharth Bhattacharya (a.k.a. Bhatta) said...

"mind you, my message doesn't mean that we keep on shattering rules just to gain few minutes of fame"
even breaking rules is an art!

Some wonderful points highlighted above by Karun, but as I wrote in Post Script- 'Go break social rules'. The difference b/w social and civil rules isn't still clear it looks. Social rules are non-sense made by self-important people and followed by 'unoriginal' people. Civil rules are made by those who are actually concerned about peace and well being of the world
so be serious about the civil laws, dump the social ones

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