Monday, June 8, 2009

Technical Minds Gaping at their Future (*)

From dreaming of driving cycles to be finally landing outside the planet and saying ‘hello’ to the stars, technology has evolved a far way -giving us infinite leisures in the day-to-day lifestyle. But something suggests the graph of technological development vs. time may come to a standstill or face recession within the next few years, i.e. it may have neared its maxima. One of a sarcastic Murphy’s Law states
“The sum of intelligence in the world is constant,
Whereas the population is constantly growing.”
Quite true to a huge extent. And therefore, the main fact responsible for standstill would be the lack of volunteers determined to change the fate of the world for good. The sum of intelligence may have remained constant but the will to use that gift: reduced exponentially. Now, that earning has become an easier job and facilities have been available in abundance –all due to the evolving technology, the will to evolve it for the rest without the selfish will of earning, has subsided the determination of budding talents to use the brains in the appropriate direction.
Also, lifestyles which have become more and more society oriented ,demand to be cooler and keep availing the facilities gifted by technology and being unfortunate enough to end up as a ‘geek’ in the case of deviating from the standard methodology of modern world.
The education system has helped to no further extent by tilting more and more towards formulae rather than manifest the ability to think.
So technology has given us infinite pleasures, some examples being what you are reading right now using internet, what you are reading in, right now- computer or laptop. But on the longer run it has however failed to win the hearts of the world to ask for more.
Therefore the urge has strengthened to discover yet another dimension of life heading towards serving a wider community than self or company, i.e. the planet as a whole. And also for the education to find an alternate meaning rather than present one, which has projected itself as a stepping stone to earning more in life.

This was one of the 2 articles to have got published -this one in Cornucopia- IITD's technical magazine.

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