Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Those Hopeless Majors

Date : 1-5 May

As I had made it a point to write on every academic hurdle that came my way, majors would be no exception .But the fact that these exams saw drama and action manifolds another exam –I will write really less in this post and leave the remaining for the next post.
All I shall write here are my final results:
MAL – 15.5/50 (60 potentially)
CSL – 18.5/50
AML- 69/100
EEL – 14/35
PHL – 28.5/50
And the grades in the subjects read:
MAL – 5 (C-)
CSL- 6 (C)
AML- 7 (B-)
EEL- 5 (C-)
PHL- 7 (B-)
PHP – 6 (C)

SGPA: 6.00
CGPA: 6.34
So yet to see a 9 or 10 and what else could I have expected in a subject like PHP ,where I am famous for messing up and it creates a major difference ; for other people find reasons good enough not to be messing their grades in the lab, which I didn’t. Also for EEL, a prayer for 6 wasn’t good enough as I fell about 6 marks in aggregate short of the next grade. PHL – a good performance in the majors gifted me a 7, inspite of all the early mess created in the course.
For the other 3, I shall discuss in the next post.
And what a rescue from being a 5.someone: 6.00, though didn’t want that low, all I could manage after the results was a breath of respite.


pgm said...

i owe you an apology for aml i guess :P but oh well, I'm only gonna continue screwing ... er, people's ... grades by er, trying to er, make everyone chill.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

ha, you better not because if I had scored more I would have repented missing 8 by a narrower margin you do now

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