Thursday, July 23, 2009

10 reasons that made these holidays a 'Gem'

I never remember feeling tired by work, though idleness completely exhausts me.Sherlock Holmes
“Always keep record of data. It shows you have been working.” –Murphy’s Law
There may be places better than home, worse than it, but nothing like it. A well maintained track-record in the form of Home Diaries eased the work of writing this article, and reviewing the work done during the holidays. I used it as a productivity meter. The first time I didn’t realize how time slipped by, where each and every moment was worth than more my past. Opening my eyes, ending constricted outlook, seeing the good side of things are some of the mere achievements. From getting drenched in the rains to watching my article in newspaper, each day brought a new spectacle. I attribute it to the following:
1. English: Succeeding in mastering the lingua pura was an aim always, which came up here in many forms like reading newspapers, views, Wikipedia and novels; endless writing where I poured out my heart to achieve deserving appreciation; debating on all issues confronting the society and the world; speaking them aloud. It began with perusing newspapers, collecting views on paper, filtering it and letting dictionary intervene to teach me a way around the words which stood as obstacles. There were about 300 of them. 5 completed novels, where along with the enjoyment I managed a moral- Harry Potter (6 and 7), Phantom of the Opera, Shall We Tell the President, Love Story along with a half complete Kane & Abel. Writing paid off with 2 articles paving way into the newspapers- Hindustan Times, a result of my dedicated visits to concerning officials.
2. Food: Home, the haven from the hostel food offered endless delicacies be it Chicken Biryani, Grilled Sandwich, Chowmein (all home-made) with occasional spells of Maggi. Continuous supplies of Lays, Dairy Milk, Sprite, Ice Creams never made me feel short of anything. Mc Donald’s, Noodle Bar, Mocha, Domino’s, Dragon and some other restaurants did the rest on special occasions.
3. Phone, Friends and Internet: From being a visitor of the Cyber Café, to one of those sitting online for hours daily, to scheduling it every 3 days back to every day, Internet assured friends were never far away. Be it Pradeep, Piyush, Kshitij, Divyam, Sonit or Rachit- internet assured work never made me unsocial. Reunions with local friends, like Nikhil who surprised me with a Dep-C and often gave tips on CGPA; some others all who met to serve reminders of the past days. Phone never made distances large- be it Vaibhav, Anshaj, Swati, Akshay, Rahul or Surbhi- all having shared some academic years of their lives with me.
4. Karun: He wasn’t one of these many friends, just adding formal reminders of the past days, but someone who inspired me to work and let me inspire him. From being a love-torn guy to reforming into a diligent boy, he shared his pains and tips, letting me extract all the good. All the long meetings, talking philosophy and ambitions, not a single moment of it were wasted. It was these talks that changed my words from rubbish to words.
5. Petrol: Though I had been driving 2 wheelers for the past 3 years, but this time I let the car be destined to have me as its driver. Though I drove a few hundred kilometers on 2 wheelers (not without a reason), there were 22 lessons for me for the car, and by my Dad. I rebuffed the idea of a driving class, for ‘Success lies not in reaching the destination first, but enjoying the journey.’ And I was always at my will to take these lessons, never let the instant-coffee attitude dwell on me, and in the end I successfully drove miles having achieved the license, having enjoyed the experience.
6. Movies and Music: I stepped feet into the music arena even firmer, to have myself accustomed with more singers, all English. I ended up loving Bryan Adams, Avril Lavigne; liking Coldplay, Westlife, Beethoven and admiring some scores of Evanescence, Enrique, Boyzone, James Blunt and Titanic. I have a weakness of not being to tolerate the fast music; I have been adjusted to the composure of nature lately.
There were as many movies as well, only two of them Hindi- Rang de Basanti (2nd time) and Rock On! (7). The others were 10,000BC (3),Definitely, Maybe(8.4), No Country For Old Men (4.5), Kite Runner (7), American Pie: The Beta House (5), Slumdog Millionaire (8.7), Final Destination 2 (1), Incredible Hulk (7), Get Smart (6), National Treasure: Book of Secrets (8.5), Madagascar (7.2), Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (7.3), Angels & Demons (6,theater), Batman Begins (8.8), Dark Knight (9), Vantage Point (8.5), Narnia 1 (9), Narnia 2 (8.6), Harry Potter 4 and 5 (both for Emma Watson glimpses), A Walk to Remember (9), Matrix (didn’t understand, potentially 9.5), Pirates of the Caribbean: Trilogy (9, last one: 9.7), Tranforsmers 2 (6.5, theater), Forrest Gump (10), Shawshank Redemption (8.5) and Requiem For A Dream (5.5). (All these are my ratings out of 10). All of them provided not only entertainment, but analyzing life as well, apart from a spree of the hottest actresses. Forrest Gump is one of the movies that can change my life.
7. FRIENDS: The TV show: F.R.I.E.N.D.S., irrespective of the number of times I have seen an episode, they possess the capability of making me laugh again and again. Against my initial aim of all 230 episodes, I saw only 65 (56 of them on TV), but it was the show that divided my day into before 7 and after 8. Kudos to Jennifer Aniston for looking so hot, all throughout the show.
8. Sports: Apart from being a part of football matches on 6 occasions, 8 athletics practice sessions in a park with an iota feel of IIT Stadium, 1 tennis match before my sleep ensured it wasn’t to be continued, sporting luxuries was the thing Television was never short of. From letting me watch Manchester United clinch EPL trophy to lose Champions League to be followed by an extravaganza of tennis in the form of Wimbledon and French Open, where God listened to me, Federer won both of them. I was even so stupid at times, accustoming my position as a superstition as I believed it could lead Federer to victory, but after all he is my idol. For Cricket, there was IPL, where my favored underdogs Bangalore lost to Deccan in the finals, and the T20 World Cup, where my favorite South Africa crashed to the Pakistanis after 6 straight wins, letting them take the trophy as well eventually. Ashes relieved me to see England hold a 1-0 lead when I set out for IIT. However, these matches delivered me with a strange element of prescience. (Sounds religious)
9. SECRET: Though I couldn’t deliver all to it, as I had thought I would, I could now see it was far tougher than I had originally thought. But my determination can never let me down, never bother my poor looks or my short stature, I am going to win the long race.
10. Family: Apart from all this, I never compromised on being the family guy. Sharing loads on girls and boys with (young) sister, culture with parents, forming my own views out of them, marking them wrong, it was all so fun. My sister offered loads on sensible content on social issues as well, being a source of inspiration for me. Taking care of Mom’s health, watching her suffer from strange diseases, all were a part of it. And then there was a family function in Delhi, where contrary to my initial thoughts I loved knowing my whole large family and seeking some valuable advice from some of the elders that turned to be the turning point indeed, as an enlightenment.


Piyush said...

I was about to write a similar format post for my own journal.

Phoenix said...

Wow! I wish I had such a "productive" first year.

Hell, I do not even know what to do with my vacations *now*! :P

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@ Phoenix:
Its never too late to be what you might have been.
Its shameful for me to be quoting such things to such an experienced blogger, but you can always work in vacations and derive fun out of that

pgm said...

This needed a few more descriptions: "I then sat at the computer. Then I felt like eating, so I ate"... woulda made reading it more fun :P

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