Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Harry Potter- the Series (*)

(Warning: All who have not finished the series and are willing to do so in the near future, please leave else something may get disclosed)

The last book’s ending was crap, some things of after-birth, soul and Harry survives even after death through the power of love, courage and no fear of death. A totally unsatisfying ending.
But as a Harry Potter fan even after completing the series, I sit here not to criticize or praise it but recall some brilliance demonstrated by J.K. Rowling.
Somehow, the fact that Gandalf didn’t die in Lord of the Rings seemed more convincing than Harry not dying. The reason was both are fantasy novels, and in the former the reason for Gandalf’s being alive was sighted as some piece of fantasy itself whereas Rowling used some muggle (as she calls us) traits as Harry’s savior. But doesn’t this make a point big enough if seen carefully?
As Dumbledore often quoted- Voldemort fails to understand, wars are always not won physically. As many rebels and battalions failed to defeat the Dark Lord waving wands and replying to blood with blood, Harry defeated him with half the skills and the mysterious power of love that even we muggles possess.
That just shows, that even we all as muggles have a magic in us, that is far beyond any wizarding magic can defeat. It’s in all of us; we are as powerful as we would have been, if we were wizards.
We all can beat the worst of evils as well that face us, without any wand.
Also, it attributed Harry’s victory to his will to sacrifice his life ‘For the Greater Good’. An important message that may be extracted is, that even though the path of working for a greater benefit involves compromises, eventually it leads to success, far more than the cowardly path of staying away from it.
“Victory is sweetest when you have known defeat.”
Though it would be wrong to call it defeat, but the path comprises the loss of many ounces of fun from life which is closely analogous. If Harry was too coward and reluctant to work for the ‘greater good’, the wizarding world would be doomed, as is our earth without ones volunteering for the cause.
That’s what Rowling has made us realize quoting the example of some muggle phenomenon defeating the greatest wizard alongside saving him from death.


Piyush said...

Yea the ending in the 7th book is a letdown. There was such a build-up in the previous books that everyone was expecting something really intriguing.But still it was a good read.

Siddharth Bhattacharya (a.k.a. Bhatta) said...

But though the ending was an understatement to the expections, it is really worth a moral

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