Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two inspiring stories

In a river, the water was drying. Many starfish were trying to shift in the nearby area, but the humans were throwing them back where they came from. When 101st starfish was trying, a man asked “What difference will you make, when 100 others couldn’t?” The starfish replied “It will make a difference, to the next starfish.”

(This one narrated by my sister to me)

“By the time, I was reaching the red light I could see many cars coming and breaking the lights. No one was ready to stop, since there was no police. Till I reached not a single car had stopped. Then I stopped and I could see as an example, all the cars that followed also stopped as they appraoched the lights.”

It just means every single soul can make a difference, and all it requires is an initiative to start a noble work.


Piyush said...

Spoofing your sis:
“By the time, I was reaching the red light I could see many cars coming and stopping. No one was ready to break the lights, because of their internal moral police. Till I reached not a single car had dared the act. Then I ran the red light and I could see as an example, all the cars followed”
My point is:
Frighteningly, every single soul can make a difference, and all it requires is one rotten soul to corrupt the others.and this happens more frequently than your case.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

What the hell. Why are just trying consistently to spoil the messages. You know people like to hear what they want to, and I'm sure they will prefer your cheap publicity stunt.
Better allow others to get the message as it is, or if you can please suggest some loopholes in my article.

Piyush said...

Cheap publicity stunt?Hows that publicity? Hows that cheap?
I was just conveying that you must also reveal the dark side of ppl ,as only then they we will realise whats wrong with ourselves.e.g, when ppl teach religion and god,they teach all good-good moral optimistic stories.But in the end ppl get corrupted and it doesnt work.They should also be taught how god and religion leads to violence,fundamentalism and religious extremism.

Thats my point.People like to hear what they want to,and you are just showing the good optimistic side of things.They must also know about the dark side of things.
I am amazed at your total lack of broad mindedness and the shocking inability to tolerate comments differing from your own crooked opinion.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

And what's my point is they know the dark side.
All know one bad fish dirties the pool, I felt the need to highlight the bright side of the story.
Even one good fish can clean a dirty pond.
So instead of reluctance to step forward and wrangling on petty issues, people may take the initiative to stand up for the better work.
There have been more than enough links in this blog showing the dark side of men, I think it's time for inspiration
I said cheap publicity because of the spoof- specially the word.
I am not just asking people to follow whatever they see, but of course follow the things that have good scientific rationale like the traffic lights.
God and religion, try whatever there isn't a rational logic

Rohan said...

bhatta sahi keh raha hai puppy...... itni mast to story hai...

pgm said...

woah woah. I disagree with (both) your opinions of the dark side. In this day, taking advantage of the system is like a norm, but at the same time everyone wishes that "if only others kept to the system, i would." i dont believe ppl really think of those who follow the system as fools, but admire their 'courage'.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

people adhering to the rules aren't praised, if not mocked publicly. They are more like fools and uncool people. Anyways, that was out of context.
Which opinions do you disagree with ? That people don't know the dark side.
What you meant to say here was people believe 'If others stick to the system I would'.
What I meant to say was 'That others can be you, yourself.' You may take the initiative

pgm said...

I disagree with your view that Piyush's story is a publicity stunt. People want to hear inspiring stories more than dark truths..
And I disagree with Piyush's entire scenario. The 1st guy who breaks the light would have to persuade others to do so too, but the 1st guy who stops, would cause others to.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@ pgm:
I love optimism, but not with human nature. You have to do much research in the field. I would say, Piyush' s hypothetical situation was absolutely true. People may not have read it, had the word spoof been missing, but now they will for fun, and miss both morals, his and mine.

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