Sunday, August 30, 2009

The FairyTale

-->As I and Pradeep composed the first group for giving HUL tutorial presentations on the Monday of 24th August based on the extremely strange topic of Fairytales. It was good, as people told me, (and so do I believe) but all credits for this goes to- adding the innovative concept of telling a self-written fairytale to demonstrate their structure. So here it is.
Once upon a time, there lived a family of 4- A Dad, a mom, a son and a daughter. They were like any ordinary family and were respected in the society. Like every other family, they too had slaved a goblin, as was the tradition. But the goblin, whose name was Feeble, was not like any other goblin. Goblins were born to be slaves, and they used to like being so, but not Feeble. He often saw the trees whistling from the window, birds chirruping, flowers blossoming and wanted to be with them; until he was ordered to do something by one of the family members. They needed Feeble for every small chore; be it opening the door, bringing a glass of water, or ironing their clothes. Feeble’s dislike of his job often made him wonder why he was so different from all the other goblins. He wanted to be free unlike all others of his kind and even didn’t like his masters.
One day, when the family had gone out shopping, the goblin relishing his privacy looked out of the window, admiring the vastness of the nature that lay outside this window. But what he saw today was not something; he could see everyday or any other day indeed whenever he had tried sneaking to have a look. There was without doubt, an elf, but the elf had wings and a crest on his head. He looked like a combination of an elf and a fairy. Surprisingly, the elf knocked at the doors of this house. Happily but possessing a fear of the unknown as well, Feeble unbolted the door. There he was, shorter than Feeble, yet possessing something to suggest he was unlike all other elves.
“What do you want?” asked Feeble, feeling afraid.
“I am Peace, the king of the elves. I was wondering if you can allow me a place in this home for 2 days.”
“But what is that above your head and why do you have wings?”
“Ho-ho. This crest is just like the crown, and the wings are a way of communicating with the divine. Each time the king changes, the fairy awards these to us.”
“This is not my home. My name is Feeble. This house belongs to my masters and mistresses. I just work for them” replied Feeble sadly.
“Yeah. Goblins, they like working for humans. I forgot. Why do you look sad, you should be happy?”
“That’s what I wonder. I am not happy working for them. I want to be free to be feeling the trees, to be sitting under the sun.”
“But I always thought goblins are supposed to like their work. Why don’t you run away?”
“They will not allow me to”.
As Feeble spoke these lines, the door started knocking, it was them.
“I can’t hide you. Run before they see you” demanded Feeble.
“Oh, you reminded me. I know magic and can hide myself. Go open the door; I will be here only, watching.”
Feeble was shocked to see how Peace dissolved himself in thin air and had no idea, where he went away. He opened the door, and to his disappointment there they were laughing and giggling as they entered. They all seemed to have much fun, but no one bothered about Feeble until it was a matter of getting help.
When Feeble was about to sleep the next night, the thought of Peace kept on coming to him like the previous night. He had no idea where Peace disappeared. Suddenly, there he was- Peace looking at him in his room.
“Where had you gone?”
“I was there all the time behind you. I can hide myself. We elves know lots of magic, humans have no idea of. I was watching everything.”
“You liked my masters?”
“Amongst themselves they were good and jolly, but they were so brutal to you. You were right, how can someone enjoy this? You deserve to be liberated. Did you talk to them?”
“Many times. They never allowed me and started shouting whenever I talked about it. My ancestors have died working at this house and so I am supposed to. Therefore, I have stopped asking them.”
“That’s awful. I think I can free you.”
“You can? Using magic?”
“We elves are not allowed to be using magic to harm someone. But now that I have seen how cruelly you live, I think freeing you I won’t be harming them, but rather by not freeing you I would be harming you.”
“I am so grateful to you. When can we leave? Where will I go?”
“Now. To the woods nearby. I am sure you will love the freedom there. I will be there with you, protecting you. When you will learn to live by yourself, I think I can leave you alone.”
“Yeah sure, I am excited.”
“Hold my hands.”
Feeble held Peace’s hands and they vanished in a fume of air. It was a strange feeling to be traveling through nothingness, but he was soon in another land; among the woods, bushes, birds. It was dark, but Feeble was excited.
They lived like that for a few days, where Peace taught him how to eat the plants, where to find water and how to save himself from other creatures. It was easy and Feeble learnt soon. Peace decided it was time he went ahead to liberate the other goblins as well. So he left Feeble alone and asked him not to wander about much, alone.
On the other hand, the family members were struck by awe the days without Feeble. First time, they realized he lived and was also a creature. The homely chores all stopped suddenly and started facing huge lags. The children, both above 8, were angry that they had to fetch water for themselves; there was no brush already kept early in the mornings to brush their teeth, there was no one to tie their laces, ties, make them wear socks. For Daddy, there was no one to polish his shoes, prepare the food, and keep his suitcase packed. Mommy had to do all the work now that is -even wash the utensils, clean the rooms, and wash the clothes. The family was mourning life without Feeble.
Peace was surprisingly finding himself unsuccessful in his mission. The other goblins said they were happy working under the humans and it was disrespect talking anything about them. They denied freedom, stating it was an evil thing to even wonder about.
One day while Feeble was exploring the flowers and the butterflies, he got carried away to somewhere, he had known for long, but didn’t realize for he was busy playing with the natural things. Here it was- the area he used to look at from his window- he was in front of his home. The son looking outside the window pointed at Feeble and started shouting for his Dad to chase him. Before Feeble realized what had happened he was being chased by the father. He ran but before he could escape far away; he had been held by the father. The commotion of the moment invited all the goblins of the neighborhood and Peace to be looking out of their windows. As Feeble tried to escape, he was kicked by the Dad and was bleeding in the gut. The awestruck moment made the Goblins realize how wrong they were about not wanting freedom and started raising their voices. The masters, all wary of the consequences imprisoned their respective goblins in the dungeons. The Goblins finally wanted a rebellion, but they needed help. Peace decided to flee away and went back among his elves.
He was greeted by his elves, seeing their king return after about a month-long journey. But the joy was brief as Peace silenced them all and went on the throne to make a speech:
“As we all know the Goblins are supposed to be working under humans as slaves. They are happy like that. We are wrong. They are ill-treated, the humans don’t help themselves and for every small activity the goblin is required. In return the Goblin gets nothing. They are happy because they suppose they should be, else it would be a disrespect. But I met a young goblin- Feeble, wanting freedom, to be with nature like us. Though I liberated him, he is back with his masters, this time bleeding and being beaten by the humans. Similar is the fate of all the other goblins, incarcerated in the stench and the gloom of the dungeons. I request all of us to unite and fight for the goblins. They are also creatures like us. If humans can’t understand this, it is our duty. Humans are not actually mammals because every mammal on this planet instinctively develops equilibrium with the surrounding environment. But humans do not. They move to an area and multiply until every natural resource is consumed. The only way then to survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern- a virus. We all have magic, which the humans never bothered to know about because they have lost all sense in establishing supremacy. But we shall use not that power of magic, but the power of love and tolerance. We refuse to believe that the bank of justice for goblins is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity. And so, we've come to cash this check to demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice for the goblins. But in the process of gaining their rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy the thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force. We all are equal, be it humans, elves or goblins and we shall rise up against them. In the name of Feeble!”
The silence that had fell there now turned into applause. They all shouted ‘Hail Peace! Here we come- Goblins to liberate you!’
The next few days were spent planning for the uprising where they were intent on releasing the goblins without using magic. On the other hand, goblins faced brutality far more than they were used to, being even flogged with a stick at times. All the goblins wanted to be released now.
After a few days, the humans heard uproar outside their area. They all came outside to check the source of the noise. There was a congregation of elves led by a strange one, with a crest above his head and wings. They were all amazed.
“Please free the goblins and we shall leave” declared Peace.
“And why would we do that? You tiny little elves with no power, what can you do to us?” replied the Dad in utter response.
“Please force us not to do, what we can. I would request you to release Feeble and all others to free all the goblins. We shall leave and we can all stay in peace.”
“Get lost before I kick you out” replied another man.
In a moment, Peace disappeared from front of their eyes and in seconds returned with Feeble on his side. Feeble looked battered and tortured.
“I would request others also to free the goblins. They aren’t meant to be slaves. They are all children of God, like you are. They also have a right to enjoy the breeze, listen to the clattering of stones by rivers, and watch the dew fall from the leaves as much as you have. We all are born equal and no one shall be forced upon with slavery.”
“Let’s see what you can do. Save yourself,” was the angry Dad’s reply to see Feeble away from his power with a tiny elf.
“Defend yourselves, but none attack” commanded Peace.
And in a flash of a moment, all the elves created a defensive shield around themselves which was impossible to penetrate by mere force. Nevertheless, the Dad banged into it and tried to break it. As he fell, he tried again.
“Please don’t. It will help no one. Please stop. We can all live in peace” shouted Peace unable to see the scene watching Dad trying again and again failing each time, adding to his injuries. But after many tries, the Dad fell to the ground bleeding all around never having heard the requests of Peace. All the men, women and children went quiet on watching the huge man battling for life in front of a tiny elf.
“Don’t worry. I will heal him. But I have a request for all humans. Please liberate the goblins so as to live the harmony of nature together, so that our children can go hand in hand. We are not born enemies, we are all one. All beings are created equal. I have a dream, that one day all the injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream that my little children will not be judged by their race, but by content of their character. I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted and every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight; and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together. I have a dream today! So please let this injustice end.”
Peace focused on his mind, closed his eyes and in a few moments the Dad was recovering. All humans looked awestruck and tears filled their eyes. Finally one of them moved ahead and released his Goblin. Slowly, all the Goblins stepped out of their homes, bidding their masters and walking with the elves. The humans discovered how elves defeated them by the mysterious power of love and words, and all bowed in unison and the mother moved ahead and spoke:
“I cannot express my gratitude in just words to you. You saved my husband even though he attacked you. We shall live in peace and harmony from now on. We are all indeed born equal. We all have learnt that we should live and let others live. We shall redeem for having violated the balance of nature. We free you and shall never interfere again in your lives.”
Now even the elves and goblins cried and they went away. They lived happily ever after. 


pgm said...

Good you published this. If you hadn't, I was going to :P

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@ pgm:
I would recommend you do that, because I am finding it too long to keep this

pgm said...

nahh... I'm sure sommeone's gonna read it here...


really nice story with a great message... and just like fairy tales it ended happily ever after... good!

Ankit Maloo said...

A really nice story.
You managed to keep the suspense and thrill till the very end in a fairy tale!!!!thats freakingly awesum.....
mayb you can mail me your entire collection of these kind of tales n stories or better publish them yaar...
(me the same guy frm IITK who said its all the same here)

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@ Ankit:
It's surprising to read of the suspense and thrill in the tale. I never realized about it.
As for a collection, I don't possess a collection of such stories, it was only for Humanities Presentation. I have a huge collection of articles which are waiting to be dumped here in the blog one by one.

sach said...

hii.. just happened to see your blog.. intention behind this creation strike the roots.. but is this really possible to change mindset of the people..

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