Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Fire of Revenge

As I and Naresh (name changed) returned from the institute and decided for an ice-cream from FX, I changed my plans to see not a single of my liked flavors available there. So instead of 2 ice-creams, now it was 1, so we paid for 1, but the confused vendor without a receipt offered by income-tax escapist owners, offered us 2 ice creams. Naresh grabbed them both. I snatched 1 from his hand, and returned it to the vendor. Now begins the moral part of the story:
Scene 1:
Me: “How shameless was that of you, to be stealing.”
Naresh: “Even they are using unfair means, so why shouldn’t I reply them in the same spirit?”
Me: “If the person in front of you falls to a dismal level, you can still tackle him without letting yourself fall.”
Naresh: “That sounds good, but isn’t possible.”
Scene 2:
(5 minutes later, when Naresh finishes the ice-cream he dumps the cup on the ground)
Me: “Why didn’t you throw it in the dustbin? It is not even half a minute from here.”
Naresh: “Then what will the person who cleans do?”
Me: “Clean the fallen leaves; at least you should help wherever you can.”
Naresh: “Then what is he being paid for?”
Me: “And what about the environment, why are you degrading it?”
Naresh: “I have lost all sympathies and only I matter to myself. No nation, no earth. The earth has been unfair to us, and so this is the response.”
Me: “How incorrect ideas. What if I say, the world did bad to you, because you did bad to it. It’s cyclic. Once someone forgives, it will stop, else will keep on going.”
Naresh: “You are reading too much philosophy.”
Scene 3:
(After some more arguments, I still am saying there’s no point in revenge.)
Naresh: “Aren’t you contradicting yourself, you said you like Rang de Basanti.”
Me: “Yeah, I do. Do you think the theme of RDB was revenge?”
Naresh: “Of course.”
Me: “And what about the last speech?”
Naresh: “That also said kill all the politicians after having them stand in a line.”
Me: “The next line said: Who all will you kill, they are one of us, not from somewhere else.”
Scene 4:
(Some more discussions continue on this topic)
Naresh: “If someone does me bad, the best way as per me is to harm him in such a way he doesn’t come to know.”
Me: “And why will you want that?”
Naresh: “Gives me satisfaction.”
Me: “When the world will come to know, you will be totally destroyed.”
Naresh: “I disagree, I will have a justification.”
Me: “What happened with the Taliban? They thought they were taking revenge and blasted Pentagon. The world hates it and will destroy it. Even they; justify themselves”
Naresh: “Then I believe Taliban was right. They should not have blasted Pentagon, but killed George Bush. They would have been right in doing so”
Please comment to what extent you agree with Naresh, on each of the issues discussed here, and what do you believe. I believe Naresh reflected common human ideologies and they are scary enough. And don’t reveal the real name of Naresh here, if you know.


Mrinal Mech said...

Hey Do visit my blog

And In my opinion Naresh is wrong
Like Gandhi said 'An eye for an eye leaves the world blind'

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@ Mrinal:
OK, Naresh was wrong. Then make sure, you don't ever follow that path, for you said it yourself. It is surely easy to point out Naresh was wrong, but the main purpose of this is
1. Survey
2. Making you realize if you are doing the same

Divyam Singhal said...

what's the big deal in revealing naresh's real name?

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@ Divyam:
You could have commented on the content rather than knowing the name of the person. I don't want this article to be known for knowing who this naresh is... it will just bias his opinion by others..for those who feel the way he is and let's not propagate anything on his image.
Its better if people try to decipher something of my image, because my name is not hidden

Manish Bansal said...

Rightly said Bhatta, it is easy to point that naresh was undoubtedly wrong. And we must realise that we are actually doing the same. We must not refrain from this fact out of embarassment. Because the truth forces itself out of the present condition fo our country.
What I feel required is to realise the problem behind. Recently I met some Indians here in France and we soon plunged into a similar discussion. We were enjoying beer at the banks of River Garronne and after finishing we put the empty cans in a bag and carried them all the way back to road where we disposed them in a bin. It was then that some one raised the question, that how many times we acted similarly in India.
We realise that large population of India is a major hurdle in front of us and the government. But the real thing is the indifference and lack of spirit and feeling that we are the system and not that system is for us. If atleast 40 percent of educated population of India take it on them the duty of setting a tradition, i am sure very soon we shall see a better home around us.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

Excellently said Manish...though I never singled out India in any of the issues, your point looks to be striking enough. I was just questioning the 'human nature'. And for all those who read this post, an excellent line to be quoted from Manish's comment:
"But the real thing is the indifference and lack of spirit and feeling that we are the system and not that system is for us.
Think upon it.

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