Saturday, August 22, 2009

The pain gets physical

“Enduring losers is an art in itself.”
Ever since I got the opportunity to implement my new ideologies; facing the world at IIT, I had comprehended that the journey won’t be smooth and I will be confronted by many elements willing to win, but lacking the will to prepare to win and using cheap and short methods. What I knew was I had to be ready for all sorts of mental pains and restrain myself from depression. But recently I got to realize the pains were going to be physical as well.
Despite hardening myself to all sorts of emotional black mails and swaying with emotions, it was hardly possible to ignore any longer the call of my weeping mother back home.
After being turned down at the last moment to go along by the trustworthy Sahil Singla, I set out alone to prove I needed no help. Waiting for over an hour in the bus for my destination without knowing when to climb down, what I could do was occasionally keep on confirming from others.
When my destination, i.e. Kashmere Gate arrived, I was aligned at third position in a line by those who had provided me with the valuable information. I had to hopelessly watch the two people in front of me jump out of the partially slowing bus, but never stopping and endure the noises of all those behind me asking me to follow suit. As I experienced some hands behind me volunteering to push me and help the line move ahead, I couldn’t resist the adrenalin and preferred suicide over murder; retiring with dignity as had the freedom fighters like Chandrasekhar Azad and jumped out of the moving bus.
Though I did follow the principles of physics, running in the direction of the bus, the momentum exceeded what I could have controlled with the heavy laptop bag on my back and I fell to the ground on knees, hands and toes being scratched by the gravel in the road. The ones who landed beneath me successfully told me their consolations and moved ahead, as if nothing happened. As I got up overcoming the trauma of the fall, my eyes met the sight of the same bus stopping a few yards away. So the impatient people who could have waited a few more seconds to walk the right path, once again interfered in my life this time harming me physically.
Pouring water on my hands from the ‘Machine ka Thanda Pani’ stall and limping all the way towards First-Aid (yeah, there is a first aid in bus stops), they helped stop my excessive bleeding and bandaged my knees and toes in exchange of 30 bucks. It didn’t end here as I had to wait over an hour to get a bus ticket, often being pushed by others. I got to sympathize with the physically handicapped.
What followed in the coming days were sympathies, some concerned some fake asking just for the sake of it. Some laughed at the strange way it happened, some failed to comprehend, some added spice to further the story with new twists where I was intending to be an athlete.
But above all this, I had to endure the pain of not being able to walk normally and limping for long distances.



dude its a part of life... check the following quote...

"i have had dreams and i have had nightmares. i was able to overcome my nightmares coz of my dreams."

the only consolation that i can give is... learn something from it...

Gaurav Singh said...

next time better take some delhite(can be me) with you when you travel in bus in delhi.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@ Gaurav:
As if you will hold my hand while jumping. I expect you to be losing the momentum sooner.
@ Karun:
great one. worth the inspiration. though i never stopped working due to this pain in the leg and limping

Gaurav said...

at least i would have told you not to stand in front of the line if you dont know how to jump

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