Sunday, August 2, 2009

Renaissance in IIT

It is the first time since the initial fortnight in IIT that I haven’t been feeling depressed here and I am finding loads of other stuff to do than sitting and criticizing the system. For now, I have learnt ‘Never criticize the system that brings you up, change it if you can.’ Exactly what I’ve been aiming to do, though sounds excessively optimistic.

One week back into the place and it is the first time I realized that it’s not only sad times that make feel hours like days, but also enough pleasing work as well. I feel like I have been competing here to make an impact for the past few months, and not in vain.

As far as academics are concerned, this time it is not my aim to excel in it as I always say ‘This time I will bring a 10.’ But nevertheless, I am sure a little bit of an extra effort and I can manage a SGPA of 9, without academics becoming my primary aim. Although I haven’t been consistent with my planning here, I am not regretting it and crying on it.

Teachers perceive me in a totally different manner. Where they had branded the term ‘Next’ to me whenever I wanted to ask anything earlier, they now seem willing to help me over others. It’s the style of speaking the same thing that matters.

As far as the society is concerned, to which I hadn’t established a bonding ever and so didn’t society to me; some of the people can notice some visible changes in me. Though I am confident I have changed for the better and I am not losing myself in the process, (as others say because they don’t know my original self much) some people and fellow bloggers are busy mocking the enlightenment and changes, often ending successfully. But I need not bother on that, my life would have ceased if I would start to care on each and every issue of public scrutiny. I just hope on the long run, these people shall get the answers to why change was the better way in me.

My birthday in the initial week itself was a boost. Though the celebrations followed the next day at Adventure Island in Rohini, (against my wishes initially but I was wrong in the end), the feeling of being the birthday boy is always different. I got the shoes and sandals first time after having dodged it, time and again by my feebleness.

I have been contacting people and teachers behind the scenes, where I am getting great responses. This list includes Dean, Tripathi sir, Multani Ma’am and some other board members of clubs, apart from acquaintances who I wish to make as permanent friends. I have been carrying out surveys on strange questions, seeking advice from already enlightened people, and checking public opinion on matters and finding the best and the most optimistic way to work where appreciation comes alongside self-satisfaction.

The procedure of selecting the correct electives and making trips to the U/G section was exciting, and provided me with a good enough idea of carrying out a research on topics before making hasty decisions.

Ill-wills have reduced, as one thing I have been able to implement is:

‘Expect much from yourself and less from others and you will avoid incurring resentments.’

A small room, but a mutual understanding doesn’t lead to many difficulties otherwise.

There are people I avoid, I have filtered my company as well and sorted the possible people, though now it seems tougher to have a true friend than earlier. I have won accolades from the BSP site- Infinity recognizing my blog.

As far as sporting is concerned, I have been to Athletics only twice, returned with a soar foot each time.

Internet seems to the best thing as it is so easy to contact people, who are otherwise impossible to reach. I have even set feet to the HT Editorial Office just to find it closed, but returning with the personal contact of Editorial Head, who later gave me an optimistic reply but not a similar result. I shall keep trying.

Continuing bad news from home was the only tension, and I prayed to God (yeah, I am not an atheist) for quick recovery of my Mom.


Phoenix said...

Fighter :P But like your spirit.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

Thanks, why is that fighter ?

Divyam Singhal said...

To stop the hate mails we're exchanging and to make you believe that my alleged mocking of your enlightenment is as I said, just alleged, I would like to quote this line quoted from your blog:
"I have won accolades from the BSP site- Infinity recognizing my blog." and tell you that I was the one to recommend your name to the Infinity.

karun sethi said...

nice to know that the changes have taken place... on my side too i am fully prepared to act on your advice and other general things... keep up the good work...

pgm said...

Er... this was more enlightening than talking to you about yourself/changes/whatever. Er...

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

If that's the way, you are inspired then be it. I am more to myself these days, so your opinions may be biased of me, when you talk to me.
When you're reading you often forget who is being talked about

pgm said...

I meant enlightened in the sense, "I got to know the changed Bhatta more through reading this than by talking to you." But I agree on the fact that while reading, its easier to forget who is being talked about. The only bias is the fact that I do miss the old Bhatta, and I'm just getting used to the new one.

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