Friday, September 4, 2009

Missing the Adventure

Venturing into the new semester, I have been flooded by complaints from others on me missing out the adventure as compared to the last year. Being characterized as someone, who has lately begun working hard, but at the cost of fun from life reminds me of the phrase: ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. People pinpoint a visit to Adventure Island for my birthday celebrations to be the only adventurous activity undertaken, apart from auditioning for the Rendezvous Plays. It makes me sad. (I am missing in the pic as well)

The reason not being a realization to how correct they are, but indeed to notice how pathetically the definition of adventure has been modified to bungee jumping, diving in water, walking on a rope (in short, all circus activities), watching movies every Sunday in theatres, hanging out with friends, night outs, dancing in parties, sharing jokes- making fun of others. And a deviation from this conventional ‘social’ idea of fun lands you in a place where people laugh at your strangeness. (How strange of them!)

This is evident from the fact that Roadies and some non-sense reality shows like Jhalak Dikhlaja, India’s Got Talent are the forefront runners in the TRP ratings and the main hit with the youth. Tell them your favorite show is BQC, and be ready for all the jokes to be diverted on you. It’s surprising how people believe dancing and rock climbing alongside giggling with friends can be the only source of fun, and it’s silly to be reading stuff online rather than sitting hours watching each other’s profiles in one of the socializing sites.

There is a thin line between fun and pleasure, which is the same as the difference between laughter and happiness. I maybe missing out on laughter, to which I was one of the main contributors some months ago but ironically I feel happiest in these days. Laughter can be sought socially only, but happiness and pleasure can be sought in work as well.

It’s no secret, I prefer solitude. But it’s a delusion I am weakening on my social ties, as what I am doing is just strengthening it gradually. The difference is just that now rather than wandering in the corridors and into other people’s rooms, I wander alone in the Institute often. Apart from work, I still easily manage loads of time to ‘waste’ with others having fun, which is just a measure to ensure balance in various aspects of life.

I suddenly enjoy writing for hours, perusing newspapers, magazines, surfing blogs and knowledgeable sites online, mailing rather than watching movies, joking and loitering around and Orkutting. It’s sad people are so much socially dependent on others to sustain their life, and how all who avoid wasting too much often end being dubbed as a by-product of ego.

So all in all, I believe this year; my adventures have increased umpteen times. Maybe, I won’t speak up in the class again and accuse the teacher of being as confused as me, but my overall all-round participation will be stronger than ever, and preparing for that is all the adventure and fun for me.


pgm said...

"Apart from work, I still easily manage loads of time to ‘waste’ with others having fun, which is just a measure to ensure balance in various aspects of life."
Is this true? I somehow think you're overworked, dude. You'll be enjoying your work no doubt, but even so, its 'too much' eh? ;)

And you are SOOOO missing out SOOOO much on the conventional adventures!!!

PS: Maybe I should try out some unconventional adventures too..

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

I am having missing out on such fun (conventional or not) in this year as compared to the last year. If it's in absolute terms, I think everyone supposes others are having lesser fun than us.
The fun of last year, (sitting in other' s rooms, and joking around)- all such things I regretted later for having wasted my time or done something wrong.
Fun+regret= nothing.
So I would say it is better to have such fun, which I may not be left to regret later.

pgm said...

But you ARE overworked, right?
And dude, you are not adventurous in the conventional sense now. Are you missing that?

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

No way I am missing such things. And please tell me what all conventional fun I did in the first year as well. Even then I wasn't much into watching movies and stuff. I just joked around more than I do now.
And I don't miss it at all. I am happy to have cut out on it.

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