Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spare the IITian beauties

Pre Script: Last time this poem and another had to be deleted for some reasons, but this time it is here to stay, edited and stronger than ever. So readers enjoy.
(This is a request to the all the guys at IIT, girl readers, if any, read on)

Spare the IITian beauties

She sits by solitude in the library

I can’t resist an urge to stare

Hair not so long, yet tied behind

Beneath the specs, her eyes cast a glare.

Lacking fashion, a slave of obsolete wear,

Diminishes not the aura of elegance

Trailing besides her hypnotizing beauty;

Having me long to feel her essence.

While she speaks to me- softly, melodiously

I brush with her intellect;

Working hard, admitting it without hesitation

That simplicity has made a permanent effect.

But while I confine myself within your group

Moments dissolve in fun and laughter;

Jokes eventually shift based on IIT girls

While defending ‘natural beauty’, I am the one you turn after.

Gloom surrounds my heart a few days later,

I’ve seen her again, arms around one of you;

Ignorant of your muttered words, she moves on jollily

Shame fills your eyes meeting the greedy souls, making fun of thou.

Please spare the IITian beauties, the ones on you babble harsh

Depriving not pleasure to the heart, unaffected by style;

Compromise not yourself with these ugly witches

Pave the way for us to be as one, for to her I shall be the most docile.

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