Friday, September 11, 2009

A World of Voyeurs

“Never take down a fence before you know what it was built for.”Robert Frost

Last year I used to be depressed, hated the system, wanted to escape from the walls of IIT, and was a rebel to the system where I was a captive. And so my depression, my inability to adjust was reflected in my posts, suggestive of someone needing immediate counseling in life.
This year after a careful introspection much has changed. I realized I was wrong so many times the last year, and at so many places IIT system defeated my logics and suggestions with its wittier ideas. So I knew- accepting it was the way. The rebel within me hasn’t died; it’s just that the system I wanted to reform so badly has changed. Even last year I thought on similar lines, but due to being crushed by IIT system priorities were to be taken care of. So now my posts have turned more optimistic, inspiring and attacking conventional thoughts. It often helps the readers to see the other side of the coin as well, to let them see it from the other person’s perspective.
But what I find funny is: how it has affected the readership. I am being criticized now for being clichéd, now that the posts reflect optimism. Some say, it’s just a repetition of the moral values they have been taught all their life (but never cared to implement). Some just don’t like to change. It is notable that last year my posts were praised for an element of innovation and coolness- all the acts of screwing myself.
So what is it that people want? Do they want tips on how to screw themselves? Then it is as simple as: Mess the Unmessed. Or is it that they enjoy reading the pains of other people and cherish the pains and sorrow of others?
I wonder if it is a world of people wanting to tread the adventurous (and stupid) way or it is just a world of voyeurs and sadists.

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