Saturday, January 16, 2010

Positive Memories from the Past Decade

The teens are generally known to be terminating with a plethora of memories, some of which induce regrets while others are just so light, to float us into Cloud Nine.

One of the best habits I developed this decade was reading novels.
Best Novel: Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

Though earlier I used to watch many movies, being repetitive and having the commercial flavor, my involvement with them reduced drastically.

Best Movies: Forrest Gump
Lord of the Rings- Return of the King
A Beautiful Mind

Though I never went for alcoholic addiction, or vices such as smoking as the decade progressed my addictions changed from gaming to internet.
Favorite Game: FIFA
Favorite Sites: Gmail

Academics undoubtedly formed an important part of my growth, not just for getting me closer to a job, but to help me know the world around me.
Favorite Subject: Undoubtedly Mathematics
Followed by Literature
World History

Though I dislike the schools I studied in this decade, there were many memorable moments as well. Some of them were:
· Winning my first quiz in 3 years organized by PEC
· Slipping in and out of love
· Speaking rubbish to teachers
· Friendship with Karun, Vaibhav, Anshaj and Nikhil
· Writing a series of 8-9 poems, and reciting one of them in the school assembly
· Playing football with tennis ball in recess daily
· Being gifted my first mobile phone, after 10th Board exams by my uncle
· Laughing at the administration of the ‘worthless’ school Moti Ram Arya
· Playing sports quiz with Piyush in tuitions since 10th, and defeating him once by fraud
· Auto journeys to and fro tuitions with 5 other guys, including Mayur
· Learning new concepts in Maths and Physics
· Clearing JEE with a rank of 547
· Being friends first with my cousin sisters, and finally with my real sister thus beginning an era of sharing

A special status to the memory that gets me, rolling on the floor laughing, originating from the hopeless school Moti Ram Arya:

In 12th class final exams of Physical Education, we were seated with 11th class students also giving Physical Education. One of my closest friends then, Akshay Mani was sitting in front of me, and finished the paper in 1 hour and handed it to the teacher. The teacher looks at the answer script and replies “Beta, tumne to 11th ka paper kar dala” (Son, you did 11th class’s paper by mistake). The whole class went into unstoppable laughter for the next few minutes

And finally some of my memorable moments at IIT-Delhi:
Being one of the closest friends of Pradeep George Mathias

An opportunity to be involved in a group of strange people- me, Pradeep, Kshitij, Piyush and Gainda (Gaurav Singh).

Philosophical debates with Rachit

Attending classes of Tripathi sir and Multani Ma'am

Continuing the nuisance with teachers, which I had been known for all these years

Finally being able to talk to girls, as just friends

Seeing my name in Hindustan Times


Laying the foundation of the magazine, Infinite Epsilons

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