Wednesday, February 24, 2010

E- Summit Hangover

A visit to home had set my mood rolling, and things even here seemed bliss. Not for the first time, within the first week of return I sat working for the EDC, for the Entrepreneurship Summit scheduled during that weekend. But definitely, this was the first time I didn’t curse even a single time under my breath, but became so immersed in it that I was unwilling to return to doing anything else.

It started when during yet another of my random walks through the institute, my eyes caught team members working, dragging me automatically towards it to help. There with trainees of my year were those familiar faces, Ankur and Neha working incessantly on the endeavor to make the Summit a success, not letting me settle without delivering my best. From that moment, the treats, jokes and team spirit drew me back time and again. It was the first time, I served EDC as an actual ‘Publicity’ team member by pasting notices, besides being the content developer (the name read ‘Media’ and Public Relations) for EDC. Being assigned the stupid job of serving as the guide of founder- Shradha Sharma, I later realized it was the best thing I could have been assigned.

One of the interesting things about the Summit was searching volunteers, as I knew hardly any first-yearites courtesy healthy interaction. Thus, I ran through the junior wings in the hostel at 1 am the night before the commencement of events. Funnily the incentives weren’t much, as the lure of a certificate, some free food and being with a bachelor- Shradha Sharma, got me 2 volunteers thankfully. These guys- Sankalp and Ujjwal, helped me loads in work as well as fun, joking on colorful topics. Another interesting thing about the Summit was I got the opportunity to coordinate with my classmate- Akshina, making me feel stupid for not having talked to her much during the span of almost 2 years in the same department. However, this was a better opportunity without Professors and marks, having to become subjects of our discussions. However, when it came to short-term materialistic benefits, I reaped the most out of the event among the Activity Heads making the Summit even more memorable.

Having already corresponded with Miss Shradha earlier through mail (regarding a Newsletter for EDC), she was amazed to have me there for serving her (though she had imagined me as some well-built, final year guy) and immediately offered bucks, although I didn’t have that in mind (I swear!). And from that moment, the team of 3- me and my volunteers (one of my weaknesses or strengths is I leave no distinction between me and juniors in work)- distributed efficiently throughout the institute covering all events, with E-Summit merchandise in hands, noting down what those wise (apparently) men spoke.

One of the most startling observations was the crowd, being a mixture of delegates and students from various cities in India, giving the event an essence to be bigger than Rendezvous. Though it got tiring to attend all the events, making notes I enjoyed it so much that I even made announcements, gave welcome speeches, and had to contribute laptop at places. It was definitely entertaining, though I admit even in my wildest dreams I wouldn’t imagined it before the Summit.

But undoubtedly the best moment in the Summit were witnessed in the workshop ‘Art of Bootstapping’ by Yo! China MD and Founder, Ashish Kapur who as a digression during his event, distributed 3 coupons of Rs 250 each in the audience for answering the right question. After I realized, it was not wits but volume what he wanted, the prize had to be mine. But even the better moment was, while I accompanied him to his car, alongside Akshina, I shamelessly but politely asked him after thanking if he had anymore coupons. With a smiling face and the answer “perseverance pays”, the man inserted hands into his pockets taking out 2 coupons of Rs 250 each, handing out 1 to me and 1 to Akshina. (Definitely, I have improved in Public Relations) Feasting with Sankalp and Ujjwal was fun, bringing Pizza Hut’s pizzas for them and myself, munching the Networking Dinner but the happiness on their faces gave me immense satisfaction to note it wasn’t free labor I was indulging them in. The parent-like concern of Khetan and Neha was so heartening, and became one of the major reasons for the team’s bonding.

In the final day, accompanying Miss Shradha paid off monetarily as well as for Networking getting opportunities to listen to the personal talks of entrepreneurs. She handed me a stipend of Rs 1600 on departure for covering all events, and editing their reports for Yourstory, which I distributed into 800 for myself and 800 for volunteers. Though I had to work on compilation and editing of articles, after tiring days in the nights, it was worth it.

It was an enthralling experience, and I sat in the Institute even hours after event was finished, to be with the team and feast. Now that the event has ended, I have become a part of the Literary Festival- Literati, giving yet another phase of excitement. Amongst these festivals, the qualifications into the finals of ‘Random Quiz’ with Abhinav and Gainda served as the perfect icing on the cake.

Ironically, bunking classes has become so much amusing again, and ironically I am finding staying away from Academics as a healthy way of keeping myself happy.


aayush said...

"ironically I am finding staying away from Academics as a healthy way of keeping myself happy."

that is amazing and so true.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

Glad that you learned how to comment. Thanks for your debut comment.
Anyways, ironies keep on happening. There have been times as well when I found academics as a refuge for happiness and peace in this institute. So can't make a generalization. But yeah, co-curriculars and being part of a big event is definitely amazing

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