Saturday, April 3, 2010

Post Political Confessions- Part 2:

After the minors, when the doors seemed to be closing from every direction, the post of EDC which I could have sought but could never have been sure of, I made the phone call to announce what I called a compromise- I was contesting elections for a post more trivial than Mess Secretary, for the Library Secretary rather than investing efforts in the BSP territory. Manish’s efforts to get me off the BSP post were successful, when he explained how by managing a library I could still be towards my aim of spreading the literary culture. Cautious of the loss I suffered last year, I didn’t turn the offer down and began campaigning not with high fervor but just communicating with freshers. Within a fortnight of communicating with freshers, I was already friends with many of them. Amidst all this, sentiments were provoked when my department mate- Raghu was scrapped from the post of FSC Rep- after working year-long – by Dhama side, letting me bury the habit of seeking help from both sides, and giving me (official) reasons to be legitimately with Bakshi side.

Nothing is won unanimously in Jwalamukhi and to my surprise as my opponent I found Anirudh Mehndiratta, who had been at the receiving end of a kiddish complaint from my side for ragging last year, but this time I was his opponent officially. However things were friendly- he asked me for my vote. What brought the ball instantly in my court was the ‘Statement of Purpose’, something I hadn’t prepared until the last 10 minutes hoping for a spontaneous emotional surge. However when I began writing I readily completed 5 pages, too long for a 3-minute speech. Trimming it, I reached the stage. Nervous though I was, especially after Anirudh’s speech went well except for his failure to answer the direct remark of him being a failed EDLC Representative in his 2nd year, I began the speech to chants, hoots and a great welcome- resonating with the brand the name ‘Bhatta’ has become.

But as I continued, it was a satisfactory sight to see the whole crowd lending their ears to each and every word captivated by my dominant voice, and often interrupting me with a roaring applause. I smirked and continued, glad from within having sealed my position as an orator and the ‘Lover of Literature’.

It were these lines, which went down as memorable ones trying out a new domain of political incorrectness in SOP:

“I believe welfare can never be attained with the same passion and love for work unless inspired by a selfish motivation. Now, what is my selfish motivation? ……. I see this as an opportunity to spread the literary culture amongst not just my friends, but this whole hostel of Jwalamukhi. This, my friends, is my selfish motivation”.

Gaining support from many ends, in the end I was a proud victor with a margin of 39 votes alongside my both batchmates- Tarun and Gautam (who I had campaigned for, rather than myself). In these delightful moments, I was allowed an independent nomination from Manish Bansal for BSP Hindi Chief Editor (also the controller of the Journalism Group) for which I ran to SAC, foolishly announcing in delight there about the acceptance of my nomination while taking the form publicly. Even before the form was complete, the news had spread in the institute and though I was an iota close to being sent for the post of Chief Editor, I had to back out. At this juncture, however I had no regrets and rather wanted to support Rohan for his willingness to sign the nomination form for me (on Manish’s words), and after all he was a department-mate.

The night ended on a sad note, seeing Piyush lose the elections for QC Secretary something I wanted him to win, as much as my Library Secretary. (Though I didn’t want that post, once I had filled the nomination I wanted it very much) 2 days later, came the news of Rohan’s thumping loss (for which I couldn’t blame myself as the margin was huge in the 19-6 loss), but ironically he contested for Editor, Formatting. Had I known this, I would have supported him from the start, had he provided initial flexibility from English Chief Editor. (It’s all a matter of appreciation. I appreciated Piyush as QC enthusiast and supported him as much as I could there, unlike when he showed interest for being the convener. Rohan, I have never seen as a writer lacking that passion, but he could do well as a designer and had better knowledge of formatting) Jwalamukhi emerged without a victory in the elections, as the long season of politics ended.

Maybe it was due to the agony of the past year that despite not being able to achieve BSP Editor Nomination, I found myself content winning the elections of Library Secretary. Considering that someone from the hostel should have taken the post, I would confess it isn’t the most random post I could have opted for, being a genuine lover of literature and have plans for it, now that I have acquired the victory. Of course, I have the added advantage of being known finally as one of the 5 secretaries of Jwalamukhi hostel, having added to the brand of Bhatta with a democratic win finally. I’ve been envisioning how I can spread the literary culture, and although people continue asking me how much I would burgle out of the budget, I confess to myself- nothing other than a few books for me and my friends.

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