Sunday, May 16, 2010

4th Semester Analysis

In terms of results:

  • Elected as Library Secretary, Jwalamukhi Hostel by a margin of 39 votes
  • Nominated as Director, Editorial Board, Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)
  • Editor-in-Chief for Infinite Epsilons, Issue 2 (Maths Department Magazine) also
  • Cleared the Prelims of the Sports Quiz (shooting for DD on 21st May)

Awarded Significant Contribution to Board of Students Publication (BSP)


SGPA: 6.27
CGPA: 6.53
MAL230- 4
MAL146- 5
MAL250- 6
MAL342- 7
EEL308- 7
EEP308- 8
HUL239- 8

Public Relations:
Went down ridiculously. Friendships aren’t the same as before. Hardly anyone to trust.

If I would have to rate this semester on a scale of 10 overall, I would put it at par with my SGPA, i.e. 6 point something. It dawned on me how poor it had been, while Tripathi sir handed me the major scripts of Combinatorics, a subject I had chosen with passion, with the knowledge that I won’t manage a grade above 6. He simply said, “I think it is the right time, I suppose when you make the choice between Maths and Politics”. Always embarrassing to listen to such a line from a teacher, but worse it meant I had disappointed him. It meant far more than a C- grade for me, for he meant far more to me than a teacher. Friend would be an incorrect word, I suppose but definitely he has provided me with hours of talk I can’t forget, friendly suggestions, timely motivations, and criticisms and in the end valuable help with my internship. Well this line in the end was perhaps one of those. This criticism however suggested I hadn’t been worthy of the help, and of course I don’t belong to the sort who can forget their duty, once the favor has been received.

I disappointed in many ways. For I have suffered every semester at the hands of the academic system, which I have ended up hurling abuses at, but this time I can’t say much. All those times, I used to work, at the least complete the theory. This was the first semester, where not did I just be far from completing the syllabus but fell to the extent of intentionally skipping a minor examination, copied in quizzes and got out safely. Now how can I abuse anyone out there? This was the first time, when I didn’t study even the subjects I liked. I lack the focus, that’s what I received as a comment, either to be a Mathematician or a politician. A disappointment in the long run!

Yes, I am a changed person from the past year. Last year, I had entered the campus with a set of ethics which I needed to implement. This semester, I have tried out almost everything it said not to, and guess what- I have profited. Sometimes life teaches it is the unethical way which fetches way more; the world compels you to those means. But I do repent those acts, and am looking for redemption for of course I can go on stretching the subjective line of individual ethics, but it will get me closer to Satan. Definitely I can’t promise a return to following the ideal code of conduct, but somehow I again want to get started with what I had set out for. This semester has definitely not been a good teacher, and that’s all I have analyzed in the end from the semester.

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