Thursday, July 22, 2010

God does exist !!

Although I always went to temples and worshipped God, I was never a hardcore believer and not at all religious. But a certain incident provoked me to write this post.

During this incident, I said to myself "If God exists, he will save me today." I was doing a wrong thing legally, but it was out of lack of knowledge until I discovered I was doing it illegally. I did exit unharmed, and of course this is not a good enough reason for God to exist.

The point is, I have said this so many times and although many of my wishes haven't been granted, I realized at every crucial junction there was a factor of what is described as "luck" which intervened to help me pass the test. (unlike "If God exists, Netherlands will win the Finals".) In the end, irrespective of the existence or absence of God, I would like to retain a faith in some divine force which shall assist me whenever matters seem to blow out of proportions.

PS. I still maintain my disregard towards any single religion in the world, and the way they worship God, and carve stories out of it. Mythology is best when treated as a piece of literature, beliefs best when derived independently of some religion.

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